Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad (Pappy)

Last weekend the Kids and I were able to help my

father celebrate his 66th birthday.

Something that normally

does not happen since we live so

far away from each other.

Ever since the passing of my mother,

the opportunity for us to spend

time with my father does not come very often.

So you can imagine how

wonderful it feels when my father is able to visit us .

We surprised him with an ice cream cake on Sunday

and Jonah was able to take him to the

Catfish House for his birthday

My sister would totally disagree,
but I am a "daddy's girl."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Puppy Love

Yes, we have a new addition to our family.
Fellow bloggers meet Rascal.
Rascal is six weeks old and weighs around 1-2 pounds (if that).
His mother is part Pomeranian and part Maltese,
while his dad is a Yorkie.
As you can see there is a BIG size difference in Penelope and Rascal.
However, so far Penelope loves her new play mate.
Enjoying the afternoon breeze on my lap.

Special thanks to Ava for letting us have such a
special little dog.

One Proud Momma

Jonah was awarded Male Bible Student of the year,
last week at Bible Camp.
I am so very proud of this accomplishment.
Way to go, Jonah!!!
Also, Emily Johnson, was awarded Female Bible Student of the year.
Way to go, Emily!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ready for a Nap (and it's not even lunch)

What a week it has been! With Jonah at Bible Camp this week and Phillip in Florida, Courtney and I have had the best time together, just one on one, Mother Daughter time (for the most part). Along with Courtney making two pairs of flip flops (I'll have to post the purple and tie die flops later)on Monday, Scrapbooking for 13 hours on Tuesday, Celebrating the Fourth on Wednesday, Courtney spending the day Thursday playing with a friend while I scrapbooked and organized some old photos. Then every night Courtney and I crashing in my bed late after staying up watching HGTV. Which is our favorite TV channel. It has been a great week.

On Friday, Jonah came home and OH, how we missed Jonah. Courtney and I picked Jonah up from camp around 3:30. He nearly talked our ears off on the way home and if I did not know any better, I would say he had a great time. However, I did dissappoint him this morning when I asked how bleach got all over his camp shirt and he told me that someone squirted him with bleach. He then looked at me and said "you can get it out, right". Unfortunately, that is a laundry trick that I have not learned yet.

Last night the kids and I went with some friends to the drive in, something that is normally a "daddy thing" to do with the kids and we even stayed for the second movie, which I have never done. Last time I went to the drive in, I crawled in the back seat and went to sleep. Anyway after leaving the drive in at midnight, I realized how crazy I was because the kids had to be at our neighborhood's "Alex's Lemonade stand" at 8:00 this morning. What was I thinking?

Since the Lemonade stand is just opposite of our house. I did let the kids sleep till 7:45 and sent them out the door with breakfast in hand. This is the kids second year helping with Alex's Lemonade stand and it will be something that we will either start or continue once we move to Florida. All proceeds goes towards the fight for childhood cancer. What a GREAT cause!!!

"I think Jonah is awake"

"Fighting Childhood Cancer one cup at a time"

While the kids were selling lemonade, I decided to mow the grass. It is funny how a little much needed rain can suddenly make dead grass or should I say weeds grow. However the grass would look better if I knew how to weedeat. I guess I'll be making some phone calls before my nap. Any takers? Well I have rambled on long enough. It is getting closer to lunch and then I think we all may take a nap or maybe I'll take the kids to the pool and I'll nap in a chair by the pool.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth Of July

Courtney and I had a wonderful Fourth of July!!

On Monday, Courtney made these adorable flip flops with a matching ponytail holder. Does she look patriotic or what?

Since Jonah is at Bible camp and Phillip is in Florida, Courtney and I were invited to spend the Fourth with our adopted family (The Word's). Jason and Jonathan grilled hamburgers while the girls cooled off in the pool.

Firecracker Popsicles, YUM, YUM!!!!

After lunch and a short nap. We all gather up at Western for music by the B.G. Orchestra and a spectacular firework show. Several of our friends joined us for the music and fireworks. We had a wonderful time!!!
Lizzie, Courtney, & Rachel

Monday, July 2, 2007

Sweet Music to my Ears

Phillip and I feel so blessed to have two wonderful children who have a love for music. At the end of last year, Courtney decided that she wanted to learn how to play the piano. Well as most of us know, a piano is not a musical instrument that you can rent month by month, like you can a guitar or violin. Phillip and I were clueless as what to do, we could not just go out and buy one with the hopes of Courtney loving it and wanting to play forever. We let sometime go by and still Courtney would bring up the thought of learning how to play the piano. Little did we know that with the wait would come a piano given to us for Courtney from a wonderful couple at church and it is this piano that brings "sweet music" into our house along with Jonah's guitar. However, he is at camp this week so you only get pictures of our sweetpea. Today as Courtney was practicing, she was getting frustrated by the mistakes she was making, but in my ears all that I could hear was the sweet music that her little fingers were making.

Courtney has been a very quick learner and has a wonderful teacher whom we will miss dearly when we move. A few months ago for her daddy's birthday, Courtney asked her teacher to write out the notes to "Happy Birthday" so that she could play it for Phillip. What a sweet and wonderful daughter she is.