Saturday, April 28, 2007

Skate Park

Jonah skateboarding in the 8 ft bowl.
Courtney is not for skateboarding but loves her "razor" (scooter).

Jonah loves to try new tricks.
First of all, Thank you Ashley for showing me how to collage these pictures. For the last two weeks Jonah and Courtney has been all talk about the skate park that has just opened here. Jonah loves to skateboard and Courtney actually enjoys riding her "razor"at the park. The park has been a plus in my book. Since the kids know that I will not take them after the school kids get out of school (it can be a zoo at those times). It has helped Jonah and Courtney to speed up on their school work so that they can spend a couple hours at the park before school lets out. Great PE!!! The park is nice, however there are several downfalls about the skate park. 1) There is no limit on the number of kids that can be at the park 2)They say that there is a helmet rule, however there is usually only a few kids with helmets on 3) One of bowls is 8 feet deep, so if someone gets hurt while in the bowl, the fire department has to come and rescue that person 4) As with anything else is the world today, there is alot of "worldly" kids and young adults who like to hang out at the park (so we really have to watch out for the horrible language and the tattoos and the body piercing)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ice Skating in Nashville

This past weekend believe it or not was the first time that the kids went ice skating (my second, however if you saw my knee you would think that it was the first). Jonah, being our not afraid to try anything kid, took off like he had skated for years. This is also the kid that the first time he went snow skiing took of on a black diamond and had no regrets. Courtney, being our "I don't think so" kid, was more hesitant about getting on the ice. However, with the encouragement of her friends she did really good and before we left she was making her way away from the wall and only fell twice. We had a really good time. Phillip was unable to join us and is not much for skating. However, the kids and I agree that we have to get dad on the ice at least one time. I'll make sure to include pictures if that ever happens.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Uncle Woodrow's birthday

These pictures are from February but I thought that my family would enjoy seeing these. Uncle Woodrow turned 87 on Valentines Day. He attempted to blow the candles out himself but ended up needing a little help from Jonah and Courtney. Uncle Woodrow is recovering very well since his stroke back in March.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Starling's - Easter morning at Opry Land Hotel

Here I go!!

I have finally done it. Created a blog that is! For someone who loves to scrapbook, I despise journaling. So for me to create this blog, I am truly going outside of my comfort zone. However, I have considered doing this for a while for several reasons. 1) I love to read my friends blogs and thought that it would be fun 2) It would probably be the easiest way to keep our family and friends updated on "Our Adventures in Life" 3) Why not?
So here I go! I may make a fool of myself and some days I may entertain you with poor grammar and misspelled words. Please on those posts just laugh and say a little prayer because I'm probably just having one of those days.