Friday, November 30, 2007

A Little Touch of Scrapbooking

If you know anything about me. then you know that I love to scrapbook. However, I have never done any digtal scrapbooking, I have thought about it, but never have attempted it. Well this is minor stuff, nothing fancy and I may never do anything more, but it was fun.

Creative Girls

Courtney and her friend Andie,
gets creative with buttons,
markers and old jeans. You gotta love them!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

We've Been Elfed!

Don't laugh too hard!

Random Thoughts at 3 a.m.

Okay, last week I suffered from migraines 5 of the 7 days and now this week I have awoken between 2 and 3 every morning and can not fall back asleep for several hours. You all know what I am talking about, when you wake up and just lay there thinking about everything that needs to be done either today, yesterday or tomorrow and it keeps you awake. Well, if I was not afraid of waking everyone in the house, then I could use this time wisely and mop or empty the dishwasher or maybe even clean out my closet (something that I failed to do when we moved and am getting tired of moving my sweatshirts from one side of my closet to the other just b/c right now I do not see a need for then since shorts and tshirts are still comfortable). So what do I do, I blog. Blog what, I ask? What cute pictures do I dig out of my picture files? No, I am thinking that I use this space to empty out all the things (well maybe just some of the things) in my head that are aiding to my staying awake. Like the fact that with my medical issues, I really need to search out and find a doctor. Do I see the doctor that we attend church with, whom seems like a good person but I also sit across from him and his wife every Sunday morning during Sunday school. Is that going to be comfortable down the road? I hate (I know that is a very strong word) trying to find doctors and going through the medical history and it never fails you always find someone who wants to change what is working just fine.......

On a positive note, I finally accomplished getting my new drivers license, after only living here about 60 days, yes and you are suppose to change it with in 10 days of moving. Unfortunately for my friend Kate, my experience was no where near as bad or crazy as hers but it did take me two trips to the driver's license office and thank goodness I did not have to take a test.

Did I tell you how horrible this move was with the moving company? A nightmare, to say the least. Just a quick run down........ a hole in the ceiling, which apparently was our fault, funny thing though especially when neither one of us was in the attic with the mover......... several items broken, irreplaceable items, like an antique dresser that my grandmother gave me as a child (part of a complete bedroom suit) or the pottery that I purchased on a mission trip to Honduras (when will I go back?) just to say a few things.........and I had not even begun to touch on all the items that were stolen from us, a Wii, a Nintendo Gamecube, a Gameboy and all the accessories that you can imagine and the games!!!!!! (thousands of dollars) Oh and our camcorder, I have the bag but that nice little camcorder that can fit so nicely in the palm of your hand certainly was able to fit nicely in the palm of one of the movers hands..........Oh and all this was taken before the truck driver took inventory of the boxes, so there is not a box number or evidence of these items, just our word. So now, sixty days after the move and there is a promise that we may see a settlement on this sometime next week....... I wonder what the outcome will be.

Quirkie things with our new house.......the garage is not deep enough for our van to fit comfortably. Why does someone even build a garage for a family of size and does not make the garage large enough to fit a minivan?.........The microwave, I still neither can anyone else figure out how to operate this thing (yes, the one item that we did not get a owner's manual for). However, if we keeping burning popcorn in it, either we will have to get a new one or our house will forever smell like burnt popcorn...........When the power goes off and then comes back on, all the ceiling fan lights comes on. Not something that you want to happen in the middle of the night or when you have been gone all day and come home to lights turned on that you knew you did not leave on when you left the house...........The master bathtub, I could fit all four of us in it plus some. I love a big tub but I have only filled this one up once. (Don't worry I take showers or use the kids? I knew what you were thinking)

We had to buy a new Christmas tree this year, well we did not HAVE to, we choose to. Our tree was about 12 years old, very large (fat) and since we love lights, ever year Phillip had to walk around the tree placing strand after strand of lights. So after looking like crazy at some very odd looking Christmas trees and I mean ODD looking trees ( combination trees, since when to two different types of trees grow together in the forest, are we cross-secting Christmas trees now) and after deciding against placing a palm tree in our living room, we finally found one. A Miracle Tree - a 9ft cashmere Bavarian Fir, what ever happen, to a Douglas fir or a pine or just a Christmas tree. The funniest part about this, was when we went to check out, the cashier asked us if we wanted a one year warranty for $19.95. Okay, I may have blonde hair but PLEASE and you know the sad thing is, people must buy it or they would not offer it.

Okay, do I attempt trying to go back to bed now, so that I can wake up in a few hours to teach the most wonderful students in my house or do I keep typing away or should I go and watch reruns of "I love Lucy" or infommericals on the TV, could there possibly be a new George Foreman Grill. Well if I leave another post then you know that I did not fall asleep or either my battery in my laptop went dead. Maybe I'll try going back to bed, last night at this time I was finishing my grocery list, that I forgot to take with me today, so now I have multiples, I mean multiples of certain items.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well, I have always thought Courtney looks more like me then Phillip, so I did it twice with different pictures, very interestiong, don't you think!!!!

Remembering the Days

Does anyone remember their days of Nancy Drew? I remember not wanting to put them down until I knew the end of the story and thought several times about jumping to the last chapter, but was afraid that I would get caught (go figure). For the longest time, every time that we would go to the library, I would bring up Nancy Drew, but there would be no interest. Well last week, Courtney checked out one and now is hooked. I took this picture of Courtney out on the jungle gym reading one day. I thought it was sweet.
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving at our House

We celebrated Thanksgiving at our new home this year. Even though my brother was unable to attend due to work, his boys were there along with my dad, sister, her husband and their daughter. We were very thankful this year for everything that we have, especially a wonderful family and our Lord our Savior.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A 9 year old and a Turkey

Thanksgiving memories..........................
Courtney only thought that she wanted to help with the Thanksgiving dinner. Tonight, while I was getting started on tomorrow's menu, Courtney asked if she could help. I said sure, that I was getting the turkey ready, so that in the morning I could put it in the oven. I know now that Courtney never thought of getting a turkey ready, like she does now. First, I told her you have to remove the "guts" or the turkey inners. She passed and when I pulled them out, I had to explain why they were in a bag and why the "turkey companies" did not just throw them away. When I explained that some people use these items, that really grossed her out. Then when I told her she could stuff the turkey with the onions, celery, bell pepper, etc, for seasoning, and I told her you place that in the inside of the turkey. Well, her response to that was, isn't that the turkey's bottom. Yes, honey, it is I told her. Well she finally broke down after grossing out a few times and stuffed the turkey. All I can say, is what wonderful memories and stories I have for the years to come, especially when she brings home a boy for Thanksgiving. She better be prepared, b/c momma has a story to tell.

Not real sure she wants to do this.

She carefully placed each item inside the turkey, being very careful not to touch the turkey.

I finally got a half way serious, like I maybe enjoying this, look.
She may not be eating turkey come tomorrow.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Lot of Starlings

This past Sunday, we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with Phillip's family. This was the first time that we had been with them at Thanksgiving since 1999 and the first time in 2 years that all of the siblings had been together at one time. I am not going to take the time to name them all, but I am sure that you can spot the four brothers and the one and only sister (she is in the middle in the navy sweater) and I am standing by the mother of them all. And to think this is not all of the grandkids, there is about a handful that were not there and several great grandkids that were unable to be there as well. Talk about alot of Starlings.

Every Thanksgiving after everyone eats and before anyone leaves, Phillip's mom suckers someone into putting the tree up and then she lets the grandchildren decorate it. I wished that I had taken a picture of the tree being put up, because it was a sight to see. Of course with all trees, the branches had to be adjusted and there was several lights that did not want to work properly, I think at one time there were about five people trying to get the lights to work. But in the end the Tree was complete, maybe a little bottom heavy because that was the area of the tree that the little ones could reach with ease, but like I told Phillip's mom that will move up with time. As for Thanksgiving day, Phillip and I are planning on my dad, sister and her family to join us on Thanksgiving day at our house. So to all my fellow bloggers, freinds and family, I hope you have a joyful and blessed Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jonah's Color Choice

Well I am finally getting around to painting Jonah's room. It has not been b/c we did not know what colors it has been b/c I wanted to do something different then the horizontal stripes that I had done in Courtney's room. But unfortunately everything I thought would not work for one reason or another. So I am back to doing another horizontal stripe with a little different look in colors then Courtney's and there will be alot more blue in Jonah's room. Bloodblue to be exact and Navel with a little touch of white. Go Gators!! (only my son) I think it will look good when I am done, my neighbor is giving me a thumbs up, so I am anxious to see how Jonah likes it when he returns for a youth retreat tomorrow. That was another reason why I am painting today, it is a lot easier to paint when the occupant of the room is gone for the weekend. I'll post some pics once I am done.
Posted by PicasaThe colors match my blog really well.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Scrapbook Retreat

WOW! What an awesome time we had. Phillip drove me to the airport early last Thursday morning and I did not arrive home until late last night. I have learned the hard way that scrapbooking supplies weigh more then we think or should I say more then we want to admit. When I arrived at the airport, my suitcase was 6 pounds over the limit, but I managed. I shifted around some of my supplies and I was able to carry a few more items on the plane with me. My friend, Jacqueline (aka JP) picked me up from the airport early last Thursday morning. We spent part of the day together, doing a little shopping and enjoyed lunch at Kyotos (my favorite Japanese restaurant). One day, Keith and I will hopefully get her interested in scrapbooking but for now, it was nice to be able to spend the day with her. While in BG before the retreat I stayed with my friend Alicia and her family, even though I did have the invitation to stay with several other great friends and I do appreciate those invites and I may just take you up on them one day.
Terri, Judith, me, Alicia, and Joanna (aka the basement scrappers)
This was our retreat shirt from last year, that nearly everyone wore on Sunday.

This year's shirt was too cute, if I do say so myself. Alicia and I came up with this while we were on vacation together in the spring and with her cousin's connections, we were able to make it into a very cute chocolate brown and pink t-shirt.

Judith and I

The group photo, 32 in all.
The retreat was wonderful and I am happy with everything that I was able to accomplish. It was nice to see old faces again and as always it was nice to meet some new ones.
I'll try and post a few pics of the spreads that I accomplished later in the week.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Scrap Book Retreat or BUST

Courtney made this wonderful sign for me, since this time tomorrow I hope to be in Ky getting ready for another wonderful scrapbook retreat. I can not wait! My flight leaves at 5:25 in the morning and I should arrive in Nashville just a few minutes after 8. I am looking forward to scrap booking with my wonderful buddies this weekend. This will be our third annual retreat and we plan on 32 wonderful and talented ladies to attend. I can not wait, sorry did I say that again. I guess I am really excited about this trip even though I am leaving out before daylight in the morning, which means that I will probably get no sleep tonight and if this retreat is like the past two, I'll probably end up staying up all night one night scrap booking, I am excited about seeing everyone again. Did I mention that I do not leave to come home until Monday evening, that's FIVE whole days in KY (YIPEEEEE). Well if you think about it say a little prayer that my travel goes well. Love to all and I can't wait to see everyone this weekend!!!
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Field Trip & No Cell Phones

Phillip has spent the last week working in south Florida. Needless to say, he had a week of long working days. So on Thursday, he and I agreed to a "no cell phone day". We surprised the kids by waking them up early and headed off to Orlando to Sea World.

Since it was a Thursday and Noel was just off the coast of Florida, the park was not crowded at all. Most rides we were able to walk right on, therefore we were able to see almost everything without having to rush around.

We saw a love for the dolphins in Courtney's eyes. I think she could have stayed in this area all day.

Since moving back to Florida, the kids have had an interest in the "sea cow" also known as the manatee. Sea World has a great rehabilitation program for injured manatees so that they can be let back into the water.
The Dolphin show has always been one of my favorites.

Heather, I thought about your experience at the beach when we visited the shark encounter.

It's Shamu and yes we got wet. At every show the kids insisted that we sit in the best seats, the soak zone seats.

I was able to talk the kids into having their picture taken with the "Otters", I like the way the one otter is copying Courtney. This is how Courtney walked up to have her picture taken. Courtney has never been one to have her picture taken with any type of character even with Santa Claus