Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh, for a slice of pizza......

Since moving to Florida, our amount of eating out has seriously decreased and I am not really sure why.  I enjoy cooking meals at home and many of days I enjoy not having to leave the house.  But for some odd reason over the last couple of weeks, I have been craving a Hawaiian Style Pizza, you know what I am talking about....Canadian bacon/ham and pineapple......only thing is that no one in my family cares for it, in fact, my friend Judith is the only one that will ever splurge on one with me.  Well.......after a visit today with a neurologist, it looks like I am going to have to wait a very long time before I even (if I do then) consider having a slice of Hawaiian Style Pizza or even a slice of Pepperoni pizza.  

Many of my fellow readers/friends, know that I battle with migraines, ALOT (up to 4 a week some weeks) and I have for several years now.  I have truly learned to deal with them and I have let them control my life instead of me controlling them, which I wonder if this is truly possible, though I am told that it is.  Since our move last year, I have put off and postponed seeing a neurologists here, I think I am developing a fear of doctors  ( I know that there is a phobia word for this but I do not care to Google it right now).  I have paid visits to the Urgent Care and on my several trips to Ky, I have paid visits to my neurologist there and he has taken care of me. 

When I went in for my yearly check up last week, my doctor questioned me amount my migraines and felt like they could be somehow related to my estrogen levels.....Great I thought this may be a simple fix that a lot of doctors have overlooked.  He said that taking estrogen orally can cause a fluctuation in the levels that my body is receiving (which by the way for those who do not know, I have no ovaries....FYI, I am not taking estrogen for the fun of it.).  Needless to say, he switched me to a patch that will help keep my levels constant.  My simple prayer was let this work and I was reassured by my doctor that this will either work immediately or there will not be a change.  Also, my doctor did refer me to a neurologist. one that he would see, if that's to make me feel better, however the earliest appointment was the end of May.

Five days passed by and not one migraine, I did not feel great but I had not one migraine, which in reality, I have went up to a week without migraines before so I should not have gotten my hopes up but I did.    On the sixth day, it happened...... a migraine...... on the seventh day, I received a call for the neurologist's office asking if I would like to come in on Wednesday, there was a cancellation, PRAISE GOD!.......then on the eighth day (the day of my appointment) another migraine.

Here's my outcome from the doctors visit a.......

1. Proper sleep
2. Diet
3. change in my Medication
Step one, is easy compared to the others, I need to not stay up late scrapbooking!

Step two, is going to be a challenge, that is where my pizza comes into play, I knew I should have splurged last week on my Hawaiian Style pizza.  You see for this plan to work I need to go on a Low Tyramine headache Diet, which basically means most every food group has a limit.  Like that sandwich that I love to order at Steak and Shake, I can forget it, 4 of the 5 ingredients I can not have.  I have a two page chart that list the items, allowed, use with caution and avoid.  Oh and pizza.....well mozzarella, pepperoni, bacon, and ham, all are on my list of things not to have.  NO to pickles, olives, nuts, anything with MSG, anything with nitrates or nitrites added, soy products,aged cheese, pizza, canned soups, certain fruits and the list goes on......

Step three, is going to be or should I say can be a nightmare for the next 4 to 6 weeks.  Since my migraines are so frequent, my body has absorbed a lot of migraine medicines, which can aid in a rebound effect on my migraines, meaning that ........ well, its almost like I am adding fuel to the fire.  Which is really hard to explain.  So step three and my doctor said that this should HELP, is to stop taking my migraine medications at the onset of a migraine, which has happened.  He wants me to stop everything except for the daily preventives for the migraines. He has placed me on steroids for a week, which should help with any onset of migraines.  The key, is he has added an additional migraine preventative and over time get my body back responsive to the migraine medications.  Which means that I could possibly live the next several weeks in bed with a migraine. 

GAME PLAN....... is to make it where I only  have 1 to 5 max a month!! He did tell me that I will always have migraines but hopefully I can take control of them.   

How do I feel......very overwhelmed!  I need prayers!  I am tired of suffering with the migraines and I am sure that my family is tired of me suffering, even though they know the routine.  I am already exhausted thinking about everything that I need to take control of NOW.  Not gradually, NOW!  My head is pounding from the migraine that I have now had since Wednesday morning, I am nausea, wide awake and my mind is not slowing down.  I've already broken step one, I should be asleep however if I can't take anything to ease the pain then I can't sleep.  Lord, I pray that this works!!  Please say a prayer for me and I am sorry for everyone whom I have bored with this post.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Poor Rascal

04 22 08 Rascal 003 Rascal had surgery yesterday.  He was neutered, had a baby tooth extracted and had a spot on his shoulder biopsy.  Needless to say, he is not a happy camper. I was up almost all night with him since he can not get comfortable with this protective shield around his neck, which keeps him from licking his incision. Finally, sometime around 2 a.m., I took the shield off, held him on my lap and both of us were able to get a little sleep and I thought the sleepless nights with children were long gone.  The bad part to all of this is that he has to wear this protective shield for 2 weeks, we can take it off but only when he eats or unless we are able to keep a constant eye on the little guy.  I just hope that the two weeks fly by, FAST!!
04 22 08 Rascal 005

Monday, April 21, 2008

One Year Already

I truly never thought that my blog would last a year, but today marks the one year anniversary for my blog, WOW! It has been fun and I think for some of my readers they have enjoyed being able to keep up with our family. There has been frustration on my part though, like not getting the pictures loaded in the right order or my computer acting like a crazy person and adding spaces or lines where they are not suppose to be. Overall, I have enjoyed posting events that have taken place in our lives and I hope that I have not bored you or offended you with any of my posts.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Paint Out Field Trip

04 16 08 Evenston, FL 060
Orange lake as seen from the look out. 04 16 08 Evenston, FL 018 Yesterday, Leslie and I took our children on a field trip to the Evinston Paint Out along the Heart of Florida Scenic Trail. She and I had already visited the paint out site early in the week and thought that it would be a fun, educational field trip for both of our children. A paint out for those who are not familiar with them ( I was not till I meet Leslie) is where artists are invited to paint on location for usually a week. The artists set up their easels in many different locations around the area and then displayed their paintings in wet rooms where you have the option of purchasing them. Then at the end of the paint out there is a big Collector's Gala, which Leslie and I will attend Friday night in Gainesville.
With the different artists about 45 in all, located through out the area, many painting the same structure or landscape, it was very interesting to the children to see the different interpretations of the same thing. In fact the kids enjoyed looking at the paintings the wet rooms and comparing them to the different styles of the artists and then spotting the real live tree, landscape or structure and recognizing the items that was left out or moved a little because the artists felt like it would make for a better painting.
This was one of the many artists that the kids observed and asked questions. This is Aliye Cullu, her name is pronounced like "Aleah", isn't that pretty, if fact if I was ever to name a girl I think that I would use this name, which is Turkish.04 16 08 Evenston, FL 048
I really wanted the kids to enjoy this field trip and not think that it was a true bore. These pictures here showed Leslie and I that the kids enjoyed it. Here the kids was sketching and watching an artists at work and I have to say that the artists were very interactive with the kids in answering any questions and explaining what they were using whether it be pastels (chalks), oil paint, or a palette knife or brushes. All four kids kept notes of things that they learned throughout the day. I think one list had 20 things.
04 16 08 Evenston, FL 038 04 16 08 Evenston, FL 041-1 04 16 08 Evenston, FL 045The infamous roll of barbwire that many of the artists were painting. One of the artist, Robin Popp, who had 3 different paintings of this and was beginning her fourth pointed out to the kids a birds nest that was nestled down inside the roll. 04 16 08 Evenston, FL 051
Leslie and I packed picnic lunches for lunch which we enjoyed at a park in downtown McIntosh, another place that the kids spotted flowers, houses and barns that had been painted by different artists. This was one of the barns and the only reason we knew it because in talking with one of the artists he spoke of a old satellite that was in front of the barn that he left out of the picture and of course we left out of our photos. Here are just a few pictures that we took at the barn. The sun was really too harsh and if anyone out there could tell me how to avoid glare from glasses, I would appreciate it, because I have tried everything.
04 16 08 Evenston, FL 084 04 16 08 Evenston, FL 113 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 019 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 030 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 041
I have painted this scene from Orange lake, maybe one day I will share it with you. I have never framed it but it sits on our piano. 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 085Courtney and Andie sat beside Mr Henry Woods on the hayride, he grew up on this land that has been in his family for many generations. Mr Henry told many stories about the property and the town of Evinston, while we took a hayride around the countryside and orange lake. 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 088
I would love to try my luck at painting these palm trees. 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 098
This is the true reason why we put together this field trip for the kids. Leslie had spotted this painting a month or so a go and while she and I where in Evinston early in the week we ran into the artist, Trisha Beckman (the tallone) and Leslie was inquiring about this painting and Trisha said that she had not sold it and would bring it for Leslie to look out. Well, Leslie wanted my opinion (like it is worth anything) so I told her that I would go back with her but would have to bring the kids and that is how this wonderful field trip came about. 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 102
Jonah was hiding from the girls in this patch of wildflowers along side of the road. I hope to take the kids back sometime this week so that I can get better pictures of them in the wildflowers since the sun was at its peak and the light was very harsh, however I am pleased with a few of them.04 16 08 Evinston, FL 104 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 110 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 118 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 123 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 123 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 125
04 16 08 Evinston, FL 137The historic hamlet of Evinston is home to Florida's original and oldest Post Office, the 1882 Wood and Swink Old store and Post Office. I took this picture from across the street through a patch of wildflowers. I wanted a close up picture of the building however since one of the wet rooms was located right next to the building and there were signs and cones in front of the building, it was not very picturesque. I was pleased with this picture and was my favorite one for the day. I may even enlarge it and frame it, who knows! This is the small post office area that is located inside the store which is still active.04 16 08 Evinston, FL 100

Monday, April 14, 2008

i've been tagged

Elaina tagged me so here goes..

Here's how this one works...
1. The rules are posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and ask them to read your blog.

What I was doing 10 years ago: 1998... We were just a few weeks away from becoming a family of four. I was pregnant with Courtney and was counting down the days until our house would become full of pink girly girl things. We lived in the town that I grew up in only a couple of miles form my parents. We were a couple of months away from celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Jonah was 26 months old and in his Terrific TWOS!!! I was a stay at home mom and loving every moment of it.

Five things on my to do list for today:
1. Laundry, not too much since I kept up with it while we were in KY
2. Return several phone calls
3. Pay bills
4. Bathe Rascal
5. Take down my Easter wreath (yes, I am behind, actually, I keep forgetting about it)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Sell my home and travel cross country and around the world.....Build my dream home......Hire someone to clean my house....Open an ultimate scrapbook retreat cottage or scrapbook store.... Adopt a child...donate to charity....Share my new found wealth with my friends and family!!!

Three of my bad habits:
1.Staying up late and scrapbooking (well, it is not that bad but I should be in bed so that I can wait up at a decent time)

2.Putting off mopping the floors and dusting
3.Going to bed without washing my makeup off

Five places I have lived:
1. Starke, Fl
2. Bowling Green, Ky
3. Ocala, Fl

Five jobs I have had:
1. Taco Bell (my first job at the age of 15)
2. cashier @ Food Lion
3. Admitting Registrar @ North Florida Regional Hospital
4. Mortgage Underwriter and Loan Officer @ Meyer Mortgage
5. Radiological Tech @ several different places

Five people I want to know more about:
1. Alicia
2. Judith
3. Matt
4. JP
5. Laura

Friday, April 11, 2008

What a Week!!

Well, we made it to Kentucky safely and let me say for the record that I miss living there and maybe one day, if it is the Lord's will, we will return. We were blessed with a wonderful week of time spent with friends or should I say family, since we consider our friends in KY our family. We spent the week mainly relaxing and catching up on old times, playing spoons, eating at some of our favorite restaurants and for me, SCRAPBOOKING. Have I ever said that I have the greatest husband. Who else would pack his wife's scrapbooking bags in their van and drive 636 miles so that she could turn around and spend time scrapbooking with some of her friends. Between scrapbooking on several different days with my friends, Alicia and I were able to stay up late and scrapbook every night but one. It was awesome in fact I was able to start and finish our Washington DC trip (30 pages total). WOO HOO!!

On Saturday, the kids called their friends while I scrapbooked with several of my scrapbook buddies. Sunday, we attended GWP and saw lots of our church family. We meet a great couple for lunch at Mancino's where we ran into several more friends, which was unexpected. Sunday night after church we meet up with our kids and enjoyed supper at Culver's with the Johnson's. Unfortunately on Monday, Phillip had to take me to the doctor so that I could get a shot for a horrible migraine that started on Sunday. After returning me back to Alicia's so that I could sleep it off, he took the kids to an afternoon movie, he's such an awesome dad. By the way I am so sorry that I missed spending time with everyone that came over on Monday. Tuesday, was another scrapbook day for me with my friends, while Jason, Phillip and Jonah head to the gym for some swimming and a little work out. Phillip took Jonah to the Corvette museum on Wednesday, something that Jonah always wanted to do but we never got around to taking him while we lived in KY. Courtney and I both got our hair cut, in fact I was joking with Pam (our hairstylist) about driving so far for her to cut our hair. On Thursday, we spent a great evening enjoying spoons and blacken pork chops, sorry about the finger nail, Courtney P. And through out the week, Jonah and Courtney were able to spend time with their friends and even spent a few nights away from us with their friends. I wish that we had been able to spend more time with everyone and I am sad that we could not see everyone. We love all of our BG family and hopefully we see everyone again this summer.

The whole trip was refreshing and enjoyable. I was really sad when we pulled onto to 65 this afternoon to head south. I already miss everyone!! We've stopped in Atlanta for the night, Phillip and I wanted to do a little shopping at IKEA. What an awesome store, but a little overwhelming. Hopefully by tomorrow night we will be back in Florida. I can't wait to see Rascal, I miss his kisses.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lizard Mania - Beware Mom's of boys

Yes, you are seeing what you think you are seeing!
My son amazes me sometimes. He caught this lizard in our yard
and then he allowed it to attach to the tip of his finger and.........

his earlobe.

Then Jonah turned the lizard over rubbed his belly and the lizard fell asleep. Now I know that you can put an aligator asleep this way but I never thought a lizard. What will Jonah do next? Should I ask!

Oh, by the way, remember us in your prayers tomorrow,
as we travel north to Kentucky for the week.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Florida Sunshine

These pictures are a couple weeks old (March 17) but I thought that I would share some FLORIDA SUNSHINE with everyone!! This was probably the third time this year that the kids have been to the pool. It's still to cold for me to even think about putting a toe in the water, maybe in a few more weeks. I will say that it is going to be nice to be able to hop on our bikes and ride to the pool this summer, however I will miss my Southland buddies. Courtney and Jonah
What a smile!

Andie and Courtney at the pool.