Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh Where, Oh Where, Has Our Little Dog Gone,......

.......Oh Where, Oh Where, Could He Be!!!! We are so sad! It seems that sometime over the weekend, either our dog Sam ran away or someone took him. When I went to feed the dogs this morning I could not find Sam and he is usually the one laying around waiting on his food. I know this sounds horrible but I do not remember exactly when I saw him last. On Sunday, I was in bed all day with a migraine, so Courtney put the food out for the dogs that morning and since I did not get out of the house, I did not miss Sam. I remember seeing Penelope Saturday night when some friends left after scrapbooking but I do not remember seeing Sam. The last time that I can clearly remember seeing Sam is when they showed the house on Friday. I always put the dogs in their kennel when the house is being shown. And for the record, Yes, I have checked the laundry room. However, we are all so sad. He hardly ever strays away from the house and if he does, he only goes to our neighbors house and back. We miss him and hope to find him soon. By the way, I just took these pictures of Courtney and Sam only a week ago. She loves this dog and do all of us.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Day with a SPLASH

Due to the craziness (I think that would be an appropriate word) of our life, we celebrated Father's Day, a day early since Phillip is leaving for Ocala tomorrow after lunch. (He will be gone for 12 days, so please remember all of us in your prayers.)
Phillip and Keith thought that we should spend a relaxing afternoon at the pool and order pizza for supper. Which was easy for J.P. and myself since pizza did not involve anything except for ordering and paying and also I think the guys did not feel like grilling out. With Phillip be out of town a lot during the week, the kids and I are usually at the pool without him, so today was his time to swim with the kids and watch Courtney do her "new thing".
We are so proud of Courtney's recent accomplishment. Since spending the afternoon with her friend Reagan on Tuesday, Courtney has overcome her fear and thinks nothing about going off of the high dive now. Thank you Reagan! In fact since Tuesday, Courtney has went off the high dive about 30 times.
She takes a bounce on the diving board.......

And she is off the diving board.......

in mid-air, nothing under her feet except for the water below..........

SPLASH!!!! In the water she goes, holding her nose, with her cheeks puffed with air.
Jonah, again our no fear kid, loves to do front flips off the diving board. We do feed him, I promise (look at his ribs).

A true workout.
Poor Keith did not get to rest with Jonah and Tyler around. Both of them talked Keith into throwing them up in the air numerous of times.

Well I hope that all fathers,
rather this is your first or like my dad this is his
44Th Father's Day, I wish all of you,
the best Father's day ever!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Day at the Zoo

Well, just like several of my friends, we have recently made a trip to the zoo also. A few weeks ago we had to be in Nashville to pick Phillip up from the airport at 8 in the evening. So the kids and I decided to make a day of the trip to Nashville. Our first stop was shopping (of course this was for mom and not the kids), then we picked up lunch before heading to the skate park in Nashville. Jonah had been bugging me to take him for some time now, his goal is to skate at the park in Nashville and Louisville before we move (one down and one to go). The park was very nice and not nearly as crowed as the one here in B.G. There were nice benches and plenty of shade.
After the skate park we headed to the zoo. The last time that we were at the Nashville Zoo, it was lacking a lot. However, the zoo has made some improvements and it is becoming a nice zoo. All the animals were out and about which is nice, who wants to pay $$ to see animals sleep. While feeding the Lorikeets, one thought that my curly hair would make a good nest (how fun that was). Jonah and Courtney enjoyed watching the Meerkats and of course every kids favorite attraction at the Zoo is the huge jungle gym. I wonder sometimes if we go to the zoo for the animals or to act like an animal.
Can you call Lorikeets, Lovebirds?

I paid a lot of money (ha! ha!)
to get this giraffe to stand behind the kids!!

The elephants cost even more money to pose with Jonah
and Courtney since there were three of them.

I guess our next big adventure before we move will be the skate park and the zoo in Louisville.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Beach Bums

It has taken me a while to journal this trip and I have had several friends ask me when was I going to post some pictures. Well, let me just say again I took a few too many pictures but this year there was no film like last year so I should be able to be a little more selective when I go to print (isn't digital great) and scrapbook this trip. Speaking of scrapbooking, Alicia and I found a great scrapbooking store at the beach. It was awesome!!! Thanks Jason and Phillip for letting us have "our time".

We had another beautiful week at Gulf Shores with the Sowders. The kids enjoyed the pool as well as the beach. We again dug the infamous hole, which was a popular hit with our kids as well as any of the kids and adults walking by. This year we decided to take bigger shovels so it was easier and faster to dig the "infamous hole".

We spent several nights crab hunting which is a favorite with the kids. Courtney and Jonah enjoyed playing in the waves with their boogie boards and Jonah enjoyed riding some waves on his skim board. We buried the kids in the sand and the girls were tickled when Jonah would take in a deep breath and the sand on top of his chest would move. Jonah met a boy at the pool who lived in our subdivision (what a small world), they had a good time playing together. Again, we ate lunch at LuLu's (Jimmy Buffet's sister Lucy's restaurant), played putt putt, ate ice cream not frozen yogurt and took the challenge of getting that perfect picture on the beach. Speaking of which I am very pleased with our pictures this year even though the wind was horrible the night that we decided to take them.

Yes, we decided to go with tan and navy this year and I was very pleased.

Our family