Saturday, May 7, 2011

She's a Teenager!!

It's hard to believe that thirteen years ago I was introduced to this precious little girl for the first time and immediately, I was in love. 

Today was a CRAZY day for a birthday, but I think it will be a day that she'll never forget.  Being a saturday and in the middle of track season of course she had the Greater Gator Meet at WKU.  Along with cheering for Courtney in her races everyone would yeal Happy Birthday to her as she ran by as well, so by the end of the meet I think everyone knew it was her birthday. 

After the meet we went to Nashville to Fleet Feet, so that she could get a running stick (something that she wanted) then we had dinner at Carrabbas. Yum! Yum!

Thought I would share 13 things about Courtney on her Thirteen Birthday!!!!

  1. she loves to read
  2. she is very creative
  3. her hair is starting to turn wavy like mine did at this age
  4. she loves to mix match her socks and she loves knee snocks especially unique ones
  5. likes her quality "me" time
  6. loves music
  7. sings in the shower
  8. she is awesome in math (she was horrible in math when she was little but next year will be in H.S. algebra)
  9. she is awesome at drawing ( I can't even draw a stick person )
  10. she is a very kind hearted young lady
  11. she has her blonde moments
  12. wears a size 7.5 to 8 shoe
  13. loves lots, I mean LOTS of pickles on her sandwhich
Love that girl!!!

Blessings to all~

Thursday, May 5, 2011