Tuesday, August 28, 2007

House Hunters Goes To Florida

Not really, but it feels like it, well maybe not, there's no camera men following us around, no staging, no Suzanne Whang and certainly no perks from any of this. Just a lot of houses that DO NOT meet our standard of things, but is certainly the Florida style. Well I thought it would be fun to share with my fellow bloggers the three top picks and then I will share with you the one that we have decided on.

House number 1: 4 bedrooms/3 bathrooms plus den/office, screen in pool, hardwood and tile flooring with carpet, 2435 sq. footage, quite subdivision, fence in backyard, needs a little work to the kitchen cabinets, needs new paint throughout the house, inside laundry, built in 1998, price at $16,000.00 above house 2 and 3

House number 2: 3 bedrooms/2 baths plus den/office, gated community, community pool, tennis courts and community center,screened in lanai, privacy fence, no carpet all hardwood and tile floors, sprinkler system, beautiful spacious kitchen, built ins in every bedroom closet, 2303 sq footage, needs no work except to paint the kids rooms, inside laundry, built in 2004

House number 3: 4 bedrooms/2.5 bathrooms, the house is 2 stories, the house is nestled among trees in a peaceful neighborhood and very unique fenced in backyard with screened in porch, 2450 sq footage, bathrooms and kitchen has been updated but needs a lot of new paint, needs new carpet and needs to replace 2 french doors off the back of the house,brick wood burning fireplace, washer and dryer hook ups in garage (no inside laundry), built in 1985


As I turn 34. Here is 34 things that you may or may not know about me.

1. I hate chocolate (don't hate me)

2. I love fruit and salty things

3. I like to iron our clothes

4. I am an EBay junkie

5. Up until now I have only lived in two cities my entire life (I've been sheltered)

6. And I have only lived in 5 houses

7. I have had Lasik surgery on my eyes in 2001 and I love it!!

8. I am not a big tennis shoe wearer

9. I am not a big reader

10. I am not a big T.V. watcher, in fact I could live without cable

11. I love to travel and explore new things

12. I hate sitting and doing nothing, I guess that is why number 9 & 10 are true for me, not that they are nothing but I feel like I could be doing something more

13. I am a perfectionist

14. I am not a red meat eater (one steak, once a year and I am fine)

15. My middle name is Lucille (don't laugh)

16. I love to organize

17. I drink about 4-5 bottles of water a day

18. I lack self-esteem

19. I am not 100% sure of moving to Florida

20. I do not wear a lot of jewelry

21. I have not worn a watch in about 1 1/2 years, maybe that is way I am late most of the time

22. I am a sucker for Jelly Belly Jelly Beans especially cinnamon and butter popcorn

23. I love fall, pumpkins, hayrides and the changing of the leaves

24. I hate making decisions

25. I am a dog lover not cat

26. I would give anything for another child or two

27. I love to scrapbook and take pictures

28. I prefer Pepsi over Coke

29. I do not like writing in black ink, I prefer blue ink

30. Besides being a wife and mom, I have only had 5 true jobs in my entire life

31. The doctors said after I was born that I would not live through the night, boy did I prove them wrong

32. I have the best husband in the world

33. I have great kids, maybe that is why I stopped at two, no telling what number three would have been like

34. I have been to Walt Disney World way too many times but I have never been to Epcot

Well I hope everyone out there in blogger world has a wonderful Tuesday. As for me, the day has been good. My friend Tamera came down for lunch and surprised me with a birthday cake. Phillip had a presentation in Orlando this afternoon and is taking me out for supper when he gets in. So, Carrabba's here I come.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Brief Update

Last week the kids and I did a little exploring around the area. We ended up at Rainbow Springs which was very nice. The area has several waterfalls and gardens along with the springs. Which Courtney was not to sure of, especially after passing a Black Racer along one of the nature trails and was very concerned about swimming when she spotted a "Swim at your own risk" Alligator sign.Two of the falls located throughout the gardens.
Jonah was the first one in the 72 degree water. It looked like a pool, it was so clear. However, looks can be very deceiving because the water was clear it looked swallow but was over every ones head, even dad's.

After much hesitation..........
Courtney finally jumped in!
Even in 95 degree weather, 72 degree water is very cold!
On Saturday afternoon, we treated Rascal to a visit to the Millennium Dog Park. Way to cool!!! There were two separate sections one for big dogs and one for small dogs. The parks were complete with dog toys, water dishes and pools. In the small dog side, the owners sat on park benches under the trees, talking about their dogs like parents talk at a park while their children play. Very neat!!!

On Sunday, we attended church and I saw a old camp friend which was a blast from the past. After church when headed to my dad's to spend the afternoon with both my brother's and sister's family. We had a great time, even Rascal enjoying being spoiled by Aunt Robbin.
This week has been jammed pack with house hunting. Now that my realtor is back in town, the kids and I have probably looked at 50 houses easily. For some reason, "House Hunters" is not even fun to watch right now. But we are now under a time crutch. The word is getting out and yes, it is true, we have a contract on our home so it looks like the first of October we will be moving. We have had several people at the church down here praying for us and I am sorry GWP but it looks like their prayers maybe answered. Finally today, we found a couple houses that look promising, I can not say that they would be my choice but in this market they look better then what we had be looking at.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We Made It

Just wanted to let everyone know that I made the trip migraine free, praise God. We had a safe trip and arrived at my dad's around 4 yesterday afternoon. Phillip met the kids and I at my dad's for supper and then we followed him to Ocala. Our hotel is really nice, they even greeted Rascal with a doggie bone when we arrived. Our room has a kitchenette with stainless steel appliances and a full size fridge, which is nice because I will be able to cook a few good meals. I was impressed this morning when I went for the "free" breakfast and everything was hot and tasted very good.

Today, while Phillip was at work the kids and I did some driving around, of course I was checking out all the necessities (Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Joann's) and even found a few local stores that are great. By the way Diane, I found my Florida Gator Crocs and the kids found Mickey Mouse Crocs (too cute). The kids did work a little on their school work and the three of us enjoyed an afternoon swim.

Tonight, we attended a church that Phillip had been attending. Very Friendly!!! Needless to say church was over at 8 and it was 8:45 when we pulled out of the parking lot. We met the youth minister, who is a good friend of Sam Hartford (what a small world). Jonah is very excited that the youth group starts at 6th grade and he has already been invited to a youth event on the 26th. Courtney is tickled that they have a tween program, so she will have devo's and get togethers with kids her age. We were also invited to supper Friday night at an Elder's house. Maybe things are started to come together (I know that some of you really don't want to hear that). Well I better go for now. My dad is coming down tomorrow to spend the day with the kids and I.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Heading South

As of last Friday, I am no longer employed (YIPPEE), thanks to courage and prayers of my husband and several friends, I was able to say goodbye to a job that I have done for 6 very looooong years. Thank you Alicia, Diane, Joanna, Judith and my hubby. Also, thank you Diane for a wonderful celebration lunch on Friday.

With all that said, I just wanted to let my fellow bloggers know that I am heading south in the morning (not for good, just for some R & R/ family time). I hope to be on the road before any of you are awake, well maybe not the ones with little babes. We hope to stay until well, I am not really sure but sometime around the second weekend in September. So please remember us in your prayers. We are taking our school books (one of the perks of homeschooling) and anything else we may need or think we need. I promise, Courtney is not packed in the suitcase, but I thought it was too cute. This afternoon while I was setting at my desk on the phone, Courtney climb in the suitcase and as a scrapbook mom my camera was handy and the moment was captured.

With a safe trip we should be there by mid afternoon. Please pray for our safety and especially pray that I can make it with getting a migraine (which are way to common here lately).

Friday, August 10, 2007


Determination, I will honestly be the one to say that if Jonah puts his mind to something he will try everything he can to get it done. This past February Jonah earned his Arrow of Light with Cub Scouts which made him able to move up to Boy Scouts. As many may not know with Boy Scouts there are several rankings that a boy must earn before they can reach the goal that only a few boys will reach, Eagle Scout. With DETERMINATION, Jonah earned his first rank - Tenderfoot- in only 4 months something that usually (every boy is different) takes about a year.
During the recent Court of Honor ceremony,
Phillip had the privledge of pinning Jonah's tenderfoot patch
on his shirt, always upside down until the scout does a good deed.
We are so very proud of his DETERMINATION!
Congratulations Jonah!!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Please Don't Go Away" Going Away Party

Back in April we shared with our GWP family the news that we were moving to Florida and immediately there were tears. I feel that my family has been so blessed to have made such wonderful friends here in B.G. A group of our friends were afraid that we would move faster then we are so they gave us a going away party back on June 30th. But seeing how it has been over a month since the party and we are still here well at least the kids and I, maybe a second not so planned party will be needed when we finally say goodbye (I am only kidding, Terri, Joanna & Alicia). I apologize for taking so long to post these pictures but everytime I look at them I start to cry and since I am having a rough night tonight what is a few more tears.

Many Thanks goes out to.....Alicia you made a awesome cake, you rock!!! Thank you Jill, for all the wonderful pictures, I don't know what I would have done with out you and your camera (except for not have such a large selection of pictures to choose from when I scrapbook, but I can handle it). Terri and Joanna, you did a great job putting everything together (I know it was not easy, since it was the busiest time of year) and thanks for the awesome scrapbook, I LOVE IT!!! Judith, I am so sorry you missed it, I guess your husband being in the hospital was a little more important. To everyone who came and to those who could not make it, we love you all and thanks for 6 awesome years and many more to come just a few more miles apart.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

80's Flashback

Okay, I guess this would fall into the category of an infomercial as well as a flashback. Since my last blog, I have received several comments about the last CD that I bought. Well actually I have came across three Casey Kasem 1980's CD's; The Long Distance Dedications, and then two "Top Ten Hits", there are 20 #1 hits on each CD all by the original artists. I found all 3 CD's at Sam's if anyone is interested (that's the infomercial). I have enjoyed listing to the CD's and boy, the memories some of those songs can bring back.

Anyway for all of you 1980's fans check out this list of songs that are from our younger years. How many do you remember and do you still know the words?

"Mickey" (I had the 45 at one time in my life)
"Time After Time"
"Love Song"
"He's So Shy"
"Karma Chamelon"
"Walk Like An Egyptian"
"Heaven Is A Place On Earth"
"Wishing Well"
"Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"
"Rock This Town"
"If You Don't Know Me By Now"
"Another One Bites The Dust"
"The Living Years"
"Hungry Like The Wolf"
"Sweet Dreams"
"Right Here Waiting"
"Three Times A Lady"
"I Honestly Love You"
"Endless Love"
"Unchained Melody"
"If I Could Turn Back Time"
"You're The Inspiration"
"Greatest Love Of All"
"Back On The Chain Gang"
"Addicted To Love"
"Kiss On My List"
"Who Can It Be Now?"

Well I hope you enjoyed this small stroll down memory lane. I can not believe that I have turned into my parents, YIKES!!!!