Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Christmas

I can honestly say that this year during the holiday season, we took it easy.... that is on the gift buying, the running around, and the "we have to do this because" and when everything was unwrapped and the Christmas decorations was taken down and put away for another year...Honestly, there was nothing that we missed out on and we truly enjoyed the season more as a family.

The fun activity during the month of December around our house was the traditional Advent calendar that we do every year, but this year there was an added twist. I turned the advent calendar into a daily scavenger hunt. Some days the clues led the kids to a treat hidden among a Christmas decoration or in the tree, or in a Christmas movie. Whatever it was, always brought excitement to the kids and was a treat that they looked forward to. On Christmas Eve, I sent them on a "wild goose" chase, they had ten different clues which ended them back under the tree to look for a present with their name on it and a green bow. They were allowed to open that gift. Jonah got new shoes and Courtney received Pj's along with matching ones for her American Girl Doll.

We spent Christmas Eve with Phillip's family and Christmas night with my family. This year was the first year ever that we were home on Christmas morning without needing to rush off to go to family, which was nice. We slept in...7:30, that's sleeping in on Christmas morning for us. It was enjoyable to be at home Christmas morning with the kids, we were not in a rush to open gifts or go anywhere. After lunch, the four of us headed to the movies to see Marley and Me...Loved it...I did cry. Then after the movie we enjoy Christmas dinner with my dad and my siblings. It was a great Christmas. Even with a few changes to traditions.

Jonah's big gift...PSP

Courtney received...the American Girl Doll Kit, along with the movie, which if you haven't seen it, you need to and many accessories.

Courtney and her matching pj's.

Our family...Christmas Eve night at Phillip's moms

My dad, sister, brother and me

My sister and her family

My Brother and his boys