Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Day at the Zoo

Well, just like several of my friends, we have recently made a trip to the zoo also. A few weeks ago we had to be in Nashville to pick Phillip up from the airport at 8 in the evening. So the kids and I decided to make a day of the trip to Nashville. Our first stop was shopping (of course this was for mom and not the kids), then we picked up lunch before heading to the skate park in Nashville. Jonah had been bugging me to take him for some time now, his goal is to skate at the park in Nashville and Louisville before we move (one down and one to go). The park was very nice and not nearly as crowed as the one here in B.G. There were nice benches and plenty of shade.
After the skate park we headed to the zoo. The last time that we were at the Nashville Zoo, it was lacking a lot. However, the zoo has made some improvements and it is becoming a nice zoo. All the animals were out and about which is nice, who wants to pay $$ to see animals sleep. While feeding the Lorikeets, one thought that my curly hair would make a good nest (how fun that was). Jonah and Courtney enjoyed watching the Meerkats and of course every kids favorite attraction at the Zoo is the huge jungle gym. I wonder sometimes if we go to the zoo for the animals or to act like an animal.
Can you call Lorikeets, Lovebirds?

I paid a lot of money (ha! ha!)
to get this giraffe to stand behind the kids!!

The elephants cost even more money to pose with Jonah
and Courtney since there were three of them.

I guess our next big adventure before we move will be the skate park and the zoo in Louisville.


Emma's Mommy said...

Glad you and the kids had such and enjoyable day in Nashville. Hope you didn't spend too much money on the elephants - they weren't even looking at the camera :0)

Terri said...

The zoo is always fun. Great pictures.

Dana said...

Did the Lorikeets poop on you? If they do, they'll give you a sticker that says, "I got a treat from a Lorikeet!"