Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gallbladder Surgery

Let me just start out by saying this certainly did not go as planned.

Phillip and I was told 30 minutes and I would be in recovery.  I had made plans to be at work the next day and up until the day before my surgery I really hadn't told anyone.  In fact my friend Diane asked if she could come and sit with Phillip and I said, "no, it's a simple procedure, I'll be home in no time."  But no, who would have thought that once the Dr made his first incision at my bellybutton that he would find me bleeding inside.  He then had to make a five inch incision to figure out where the bleeding was coming from and to stop the bleeding.  Long story short, Dr. Campbell put my gallbladder surgery on hold in order to figure out the cause of  the bleeding and then once everything was under control which he never found the reasoning for the bleeding he then proceeded with my gallbladder surgery.   He said he had never seen anything like it. 

Two in a half hours later, Dr Campbell finally meets Phillip in a holding room, which Phillip said was odd since all the other Dr's were coming out and speaking to their patients in the lobby.  He was asked by a nurse to wait in another room from Dr. Campbell.  Phillip said he was panicked, thinking the worse and then Dr. Campbell came out and said, "there's been some complications."  Phillip said his heart sank.

Meanwhile....I was aroused by the nurses and I believe Dr. Campbell in the recovery room that they were taking me to CT for a complete body scan in order to rule out any interior bleeding and I was out again.  I had no clue what had happened.

My CT can back negative, praise the LORD but my blood count was extremely low so I was in the hospital for two wonderful nights.  Phillip spent the night on a roll-a-way bed both nights with me.  The first night I got really sick and was thankful he was there.  I would have never made it to the bathroom in time and there would have been black cherry jello everywhere if Phillip wasn't there to help...... GROSS!!!
This was my dinner the first night that I was in the hospital and no that is not potato soup, it's cream of celery soup, yeah, who eats cream of celery soup.  I traded in my chocolate ice cream for vanilla and ate a couple bites of my jello and I was done.  Actually every meal was similar to this, not very grand.
He sent His word and healed them...
Psalm 107:20

Blessings to all ~

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