Monday, April 23, 2007

Uncle Woodrow's birthday

These pictures are from February but I thought that my family would enjoy seeing these. Uncle Woodrow turned 87 on Valentines Day. He attempted to blow the candles out himself but ended up needing a little help from Jonah and Courtney. Uncle Woodrow is recovering very well since his stroke back in March.


Anonymous said...

Carla - Robbin shared your blog with us - Uncle Woodrow looks great - we had not heard of the stroke - but give him a hug from me . . . . .

Susan Thomas (King & Mary) Hudgins

Anonymous said...

Hey Carla,

Im really glad that robbin shared your blog with us, and the pics of your family are very nice, I cant believe that you have grown into such a beautiful woman with a family of your own. Pics of Uncle Woodrow were great to see also. I send all my hugs and kisses to you and yours. Hope to hear from you soon.

Elaine Alberta Thomas (King & Mary)