Saturday, April 28, 2007

Skate Park

Jonah skateboarding in the 8 ft bowl.
Courtney is not for skateboarding but loves her "razor" (scooter).

Jonah loves to try new tricks.
First of all, Thank you Ashley for showing me how to collage these pictures. For the last two weeks Jonah and Courtney has been all talk about the skate park that has just opened here. Jonah loves to skateboard and Courtney actually enjoys riding her "razor"at the park. The park has been a plus in my book. Since the kids know that I will not take them after the school kids get out of school (it can be a zoo at those times). It has helped Jonah and Courtney to speed up on their school work so that they can spend a couple hours at the park before school lets out. Great PE!!! The park is nice, however there are several downfalls about the skate park. 1) There is no limit on the number of kids that can be at the park 2)They say that there is a helmet rule, however there is usually only a few kids with helmets on 3) One of bowls is 8 feet deep, so if someone gets hurt while in the bowl, the fire department has to come and rescue that person 4) As with anything else is the world today, there is alot of "worldly" kids and young adults who like to hang out at the park (so we really have to watch out for the horrible language and the tattoos and the body piercing)


Terri said...

Jonah looks like he's quite the little skater. I am glad Bowling Green opened up a skate park for the kids of BG. It will keep many out of trouble.

Ashley Fowlkes said...

Nice shots - and what a cool layout! You're a fast learner!

Anonymous said...

I loved your mom. I think of her often. Your family has always held a special place in my heart. I'm so glad you see so much of your Mom in Courtney...means she's taking after such a wonderful Christian woman...I have always seen a lot of your mom in you. I love you Carla!

Julie Burkert