Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still Friends......

Where does the time go? Wyatt, Jonah, Ashley, Courtney
November 1999

Jonah, Wyatt, Ashley, Courtney
March 2008

When I met Phillip, 17 years ago, I met Minta. Even though we were not close friends at the time and never really planned for our kids to be so close in age, it just happened that way. Wyatt was born six months before Jonah and Ashley was born 2 months before Courtney and even though we knew that each other was pregnant we really did not become close until after Courtney was born and we started play group together on Wednesday mornings. It was at this time that Ashley and Courtney became "like two peas in a pod". They went everywhere together and majority of the time they were in there own little world playing not with the whole group but just the two of them. If you saw Courtney then you saw Ashley, even before they were walking. Over the years with our move, we have stilled stayed close friends and even though there has been times that the two girls have not been in contact with each other for a couple of years, they always get together like they have never been apart. Of the course, Wyatt and Jonah have always been good friends too but not like Ashley and Courtney.

Recently the kids and I spent the night with my friend Minta and her kids at Gold Head State Park to help celebrate Ashley's tenth birthday. It originally started out that Wyatt was going to spend the night with Jonah, while Courtney spent the night with Ashley and a few of her friends in a cabin at the park. Well, Minta thought that it would be neat for the all of us to stay at the lake and it was just that. Even with the down pouring of rain on Friday and not being able to do what was planned outdoors. Minta had a backup plan. The kids made homemade pizzas, had ice cream sundaes, played games, dressed up and anything else that you can do in a small cabin with no TV in the middle of the woods. It was really alot of FUN, even Wyatt and Jonah enjoyed themselves in a cabin full of girls. Minta and I sat on the porch of the cabin till late listening to the rain and catching up on our lives, with the kids laughter in the background. Thank goodness the rain ended during the night and we were able to wake up and enjoy some of the activities at the park.


Terri said...

How fun! I can't believe Courtney and Jonah have grown up so much. That first pic is just oh so cute.

Anonymous said...


That first picture brought back so many memories. It was the little Jonah and Courtney I remember. I can't believe how much they've grown. I really miss you guys. We really need to meet up soon. Love you!

Julie Burkert