Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Weekend with the Days

This past weekend we were invited to be guests at the Vogt's Cypress Lodge, which is actually just a private residence south of Orlando on Lake Hatchineha but I felt like I was at a resort. The atmosphere was awesome, the hospitality was wonderful, the food was great and the company well anytime you are able to spend time with close friends then it is worth everything. Our close friends Steve, Diane and Austin Day were in Florida to spend Spring Break with her parents at their Winter home and the four of us were invited to spend the weekend with them. It was a great weekend.
I think Diane's parents Joyce and John enjoyed our company just as much as we enjoyed their's. Here is a picture of all of us together.

Off for an airboat ride............to spot for Gators and we saw plenty both big and small.

Jonah was my airboat buddy

After much hesitation, Courtney decided to ride the airboat from the canal around to the front of the house which was on the lake side. It was there that she decided the airboat was not for her and got off at the dock.
Phillip, Courtney, John (Diane's dad) and Steve coming around from the canal which is at the back of their house to the lake on the front side. This is when John punched the gas on the airboat and Courtney said "No, Thanks" and got off at the dock.

Phillip, Jonah, John (Diane's Dad) and Austin, off for an airboat ride.
Jonah and Austin fishing from the boat dock on the canal.

Jonah truely enjoyed being able to fish whenever he wanted to this weekend. Even in the rain, the kids were able to stay dry under the boat dock. Here is just one of the 17 fish that Jonah caught this weekend. None of which were keepers but Jonah didn't mind.

Courtney's first fish that she ever caught. She would not hold it so Austin stood behind her with the fish so that I could take her picture.
Courtney enjoyed fishing almost as much as Jonah did. However, she had no desire to go out in the boat, she was comfortable fishing off the dock in the canal.
The moon's reflection on the lake Friday night was awesome.
I am not sure which one I like better, probably the sunrise on Saturday morning. The bedroom that Phillip and I slept in had sliding glass doors that faced the lake so this was the view that I awoke to on Saturday morning.
It rained off and on all afternoon on Saturday, which did not stop any of us from having a good time. The boys did a lot of fishing, both from the dock and even battled the rain by taking the boat out. Diane's dad grilled his famous steaks for us. Phillip and Steve enjoyed an afternoon movie while Diane and I sat on the front porch talking while enjoying the view of the lake and watching the rain.
Oh, we also watched the WKU boys Basketball game, which was a close game down to the last second of O.T. We taught Courtney how to play Mexican Train and they taught us (the Starling's) how to play "pass the trash" which was a fun game.


Emma's Mommy said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! That view of the lake from your room is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

mommy of girls said...

Beautiful view!!! I'm so stinkin jealous of all that warm weather. I've got to get to Florida!!!! Apparently that's where all the sun is! :-) Glad you all had such a wonderful time. I thought that picture of Courtney "holding" the fish was too cute. I don't blame her...their sort of yucky critters. And that airboat...I'm still really not understanding it a whole lot, but the idea of being up that high coupled with the words "looking for gators" would have definitely caused me to keep my feet on land too!!!

Terri said...

Super cool way to spend Easter, you lil' Floridian you!

Lisa said...

What a fun weekend! That is so cool that you got to hang with the Days! I'm so jealous of you all soakin' up the Florida sun right now!I'm glad you all had a great weekend!

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

The airboat looks FUN!

The sunrise pic is AMAZING! You should enlarge it and frame it!

8.5monthsapart said...

What a wonderful getaway weekend. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. Loved the fish...I grew up fishing and have wonderful memories of it. Call me...