Friday, August 29, 2008

A Week in Review

This week has flew by and I am ready for the three day weekend. Here’s a few things that has been going on around our house…..
  • Last Saturday my Cricut died - I was heartbroken until I found out that luckily it was still under warranty. So, I am waiting for a replacement to arrive any day now. Okay for any non-scrapbookers, it is not a bug or a critter, it is the most cleaver die cutting tool around and mine kicked the bucket last weekend. :(

  • Monday night was Jonah’s Court of Honor for Boy Scouts and he did it again, he advanced in rank to First Class Scout. Way to go!!! He totally surprised me on this one.

  • I have fallen back into the routine of having weekly migraines this week I think a small piece of banana caused it. It lasted a little over two days.

  • I turned 35 this week. It is soooo hard to believe that I am 35. I started the day out battling the remains of a migraine and ended the day with no migraine so HBTM. Over all it was a great day. I received a large number of calls, went out for dinner and tonight I am enjoying the house to myself. So guess what I am doing? SCRAPBOOKING!!!
  • Phillip and Courtney is heading out for dinner and a movie tonight.
  • Jonah is heading to Sonquest in Orlando, this weekend, with the youth group from our church. So, I pray that the youth group has a safe trip and a wonderful time.
I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!! Enjoy the three day weekend, I sure plan on it!!!
Blessings to all~


Emma's Mommy said...

Hey Carla...Happy Belated Birthday! I am glad they day ended up better than it started for you.

Hope you were able to get a lot of scrapbooking done this weekend....and I hope your Cricut is up and running again soon. :-)

Terri said...

Happy Belated Bday!