Tuesday, May 8, 2007

673.5 Miles Away

673.5 miles away is our new home.
The word is out, we are moving. I am not sure when and I am not sure address wise where. I do know that somewhere in or around Ocala, Florida is a house that soon will be our new home. An hour from Disney, an hour from the Gulf of Mexico, an hour from grandparents and family and an hour plus from the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, we are leaving Tornado country for Hurricane country. Ocala does have rolling hills and lots of horse farms just like B.G. and I think size wise its very close to the same. Ocala also has a Hobby Lobby and a Joann (so Judith when you can't find that paper pack that you just got to have, call me).
The kids are excited and Phillip is looking forward to the new challenge that awaits him with his new job. As for myself, I wish I could have it all. I am sad to leave my scrapbook buddies, my spoon playing friends, the Mafia group, our neighbors, and our wonderful church family that has been there so many times over the last 6 years. We have been blessed with such wonderful friends who have touched our lifes forever, friends that we will never forget.

We will truly miss our friends here, but look forward to many visitors in Florida. Come crash at our place in the "Sunshine State" is what I am telling everyone.


Terri said...

When you see it written down, it even makes it that more sad. We will greatly miss all of you. We are praying for you and yours. And... HOW EXCITING IS THAT FOR JUDITH - THE PAPER QUEEN. If she can't find the paper in BG, Nashville, Florence, Lexington, anywhere in between... she will soon be able to count on you and anywhere you can reach within a reasonable driving distance.

Judith said...

Well, I am sitting here reading this with a smile on my face but a tear in my eye. Another way to locate paper, but a dear and sweet friend leaving.

Will you ship UPS 1 day delivery or do I have to drive and pick up. How will I explain this to Howard????

You know my prayers are with you and your family and am excited that you are able to move back Home!

I know this will not be Good Bye, but SEE YOU SOON whether in Flordia, Kentucky or Blogger!

Ashley Fowlkes said...

[sniff, sniff] Don't make me cry already! Ugh! You'd better watch it or your house is going to be booked for the summer. Can't we just shift a few states around and get Florida closer to Kentucky? [sigh] It's exciting and sad all at the same time. Good luck handling all the emotions that go with moving. I know God's got lots of good things in store for you in the Sunshine State.

Emma's Mommy said...

Our prayers are with your family as you make the transition from Kentucky to Florida. It is sad that you are leaving, but it is a happy time for you that you will be able to be closer to family. And remember....your Kentucky friends will always be your friends! Good luck with everything and God bless!

Dana said...

I'm still in absolute denial. Would it be okay if I pray that Phillip gets another promotion that will land him in the corporate office? It's just going to be really hard not to see each week. I miss you already.

Just Plain Boys said...

I'm reading this with tears running down my face. I am so happy for all of you, but at the same time I am so sad my scrapbook buddy, my close friend is leaving. I will miss you more than words can say. You all will be in my prayers and I am so excited that you are getting to move closer to home. I know it won't be long before we are planning a scrapbook trip. We really have a good excuse now!!!

mommy of girls said...

I love you and hope you know how much you will be missed. I keep flashing back to Natalie Kate's love for "Jo-No" and the three of them on the trampoline...or Courtney keeping her from climbing the stairs...Super Bowl parties where I had no idea who was even playing for all the card playing going on...the fantasic pickle roll ups...dipped pretzels...your sweet voice echoing from the cradle roll room at church...and there will never be another PIT game where I won't think of you. You all have really loved my family and my babies and for that I am forever grateful.

By the way...we'll be in FL the last week in September...perhaps we could meet up for dinner one night???

Anonymous said...

So I realize that everyone on here is sad to see Carla, Phillip, and the kids leaving Bowling Green and moving back to Florida. I on the other hand am SOOOOOO glad!!!!! I was so sad to move away from FL in '98 and then when we finally make it back...they were gone. Now you'll be in Ocala?!?!? That's such great news. It's only about 45 min. - 1 hour from my place in Tampa. Y'all will HAVE to call me when you get in so we can catch up. Love you guys! See you soon!

Julie Burkert