Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Fun

Twister Anyone!!!
Spencer (cousin), Trey (neighbor) and Jonah
Well, lets just say that this was a great weekend for the kids. On Friday, Jonah and Courtney, along with the Trey and Andie (friends from across the street), spent the afternoon selling frogs and lizards to kids and a few adults in the neighborhood. Jonah and Trey spent the afternoon catching the animals while Andie and Courtney made signs and flyers to pass around the neighborhood. They ended up selling two frogs ($3 each) and two lizards ($1) each. Who would have thought? The lizards were actually bought by adults just to be let loose in their yards and the frogs were bought by two boys, who unfortunately had to let them go with their mom's found out.
On Saturday my brother's boys, Spencer and Brandon came down to spend the night. Along with Trey, all four boys had a blast playing football, Twister, riding anything with wheels, and playing video games. The boys even talked the girls into playing hide go seek with them.

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Dana said...

Now, Andrew would love this idea! Anything to make a few dollars!