Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Our little Pumpkin
Hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween and I hope that you enjoy our Halloween pictures. This year I made Jonah's costume which turned out cute, if I do say so. With lots of moving boxes around the house, making a Rubiks Cube for a costume was pretty easy and fun. For the first time this year, Phillip and I allowed Courtney to be a witch. Normally we do not allow our the kids to dress up in anything scary, but Courtney loved this costume and really made a cute witch. She even made her broom out of some dead grass and a stick. She was very cute!

Jonah was a Rubiks cube on wheels, he decided to roller blade around the neighborhood.

Trey and Jonah

Off she goes, I love this picture.

Courtney, Andie, Trey, and Jonah

Rascal meets a fellow trick or treater, a spider

Holly (Sharpey), Courtney, & Andie (Horseback Rider)


Terri said...

How Creative! Love the rubix cube! Courtney is precious too. Your kids are looking so grown up and they haven't been gone that long.

Emma's Mommy said...

You are so creative!! I love the rubix cube! And there is nothing scary about Courtney as a witch. She is a beautiful witch!

Ashley Fowlkes said...

Way-too-stinking cute! Courtney could be a Bewitched star, and I love the '80s flavor of Jonah's costume! BTW, I had a huge double take last night; I thought I saw you across the parking lot by JP, but it was another slender, pretty blond headed woman. It was surreal. We miss you guys, too. Take care!

Dana said...

Love the costumes. It's kind of coincidental. Megan and Andrew have never been allowed to be anything scary either and Megan was an orange and black witch this year, too! I love Jonah's costume! I bet he was the only Rubik's cube in all of Florida!