Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Florida Sunshine

These pictures are a couple weeks old (March 17) but I thought that I would share some FLORIDA SUNSHINE with everyone!! This was probably the third time this year that the kids have been to the pool. It's still to cold for me to even think about putting a toe in the water, maybe in a few more weeks. I will say that it is going to be nice to be able to hop on our bikes and ride to the pool this summer, however I will miss my Southland buddies. Courtney and Jonah
What a smile!

Andie and Courtney at the pool.


mommy of girls said...

Looks like you had the pool all to yourselves. What fun!!! I can't wait for May to get here so we can start our weekly pool play dates at the Tyrees and Leachmans. I only wish you could swim here in March! :-) Glad you all have such good weather...maybe we'll get some of that sunshine soon...keep sending it north! Miss you all.

Emma's Mommy said...

Now I am depressed - it was 38 degrees this morning!!! I only wish that it was warm enough in KY to swim in March! Hopefully it won't be too much longer :-) Looks like the kids are enjoying having the pool to themselves!

Kate said...

I like how you phrased that: "...sharing the Florida sunshine..." instead of just coming out and saying what you mean, which is "...putting it in your faces..." Just kidding. It's nice to know it's warm somewhere. I guess I shouldn't complain. Spring is definitely in the air around here. It's just taking a little while longer to travel north.

Terri said...

Wish I were in the Floridian son. Looks like a blast. I miss you guys.