Thursday, April 17, 2008

Paint Out Field Trip

04 16 08 Evenston, FL 060
Orange lake as seen from the look out. 04 16 08 Evenston, FL 018 Yesterday, Leslie and I took our children on a field trip to the Evinston Paint Out along the Heart of Florida Scenic Trail. She and I had already visited the paint out site early in the week and thought that it would be a fun, educational field trip for both of our children. A paint out for those who are not familiar with them ( I was not till I meet Leslie) is where artists are invited to paint on location for usually a week. The artists set up their easels in many different locations around the area and then displayed their paintings in wet rooms where you have the option of purchasing them. Then at the end of the paint out there is a big Collector's Gala, which Leslie and I will attend Friday night in Gainesville.
With the different artists about 45 in all, located through out the area, many painting the same structure or landscape, it was very interesting to the children to see the different interpretations of the same thing. In fact the kids enjoyed looking at the paintings the wet rooms and comparing them to the different styles of the artists and then spotting the real live tree, landscape or structure and recognizing the items that was left out or moved a little because the artists felt like it would make for a better painting.
This was one of the many artists that the kids observed and asked questions. This is Aliye Cullu, her name is pronounced like "Aleah", isn't that pretty, if fact if I was ever to name a girl I think that I would use this name, which is Turkish.04 16 08 Evenston, FL 048
I really wanted the kids to enjoy this field trip and not think that it was a true bore. These pictures here showed Leslie and I that the kids enjoyed it. Here the kids was sketching and watching an artists at work and I have to say that the artists were very interactive with the kids in answering any questions and explaining what they were using whether it be pastels (chalks), oil paint, or a palette knife or brushes. All four kids kept notes of things that they learned throughout the day. I think one list had 20 things.
04 16 08 Evenston, FL 038 04 16 08 Evenston, FL 041-1 04 16 08 Evenston, FL 045The infamous roll of barbwire that many of the artists were painting. One of the artist, Robin Popp, who had 3 different paintings of this and was beginning her fourth pointed out to the kids a birds nest that was nestled down inside the roll. 04 16 08 Evenston, FL 051
Leslie and I packed picnic lunches for lunch which we enjoyed at a park in downtown McIntosh, another place that the kids spotted flowers, houses and barns that had been painted by different artists. This was one of the barns and the only reason we knew it because in talking with one of the artists he spoke of a old satellite that was in front of the barn that he left out of the picture and of course we left out of our photos. Here are just a few pictures that we took at the barn. The sun was really too harsh and if anyone out there could tell me how to avoid glare from glasses, I would appreciate it, because I have tried everything.
04 16 08 Evenston, FL 084 04 16 08 Evenston, FL 113 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 019 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 030 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 041
I have painted this scene from Orange lake, maybe one day I will share it with you. I have never framed it but it sits on our piano. 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 085Courtney and Andie sat beside Mr Henry Woods on the hayride, he grew up on this land that has been in his family for many generations. Mr Henry told many stories about the property and the town of Evinston, while we took a hayride around the countryside and orange lake. 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 088
I would love to try my luck at painting these palm trees. 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 098
This is the true reason why we put together this field trip for the kids. Leslie had spotted this painting a month or so a go and while she and I where in Evinston early in the week we ran into the artist, Trisha Beckman (the tallone) and Leslie was inquiring about this painting and Trisha said that she had not sold it and would bring it for Leslie to look out. Well, Leslie wanted my opinion (like it is worth anything) so I told her that I would go back with her but would have to bring the kids and that is how this wonderful field trip came about. 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 102
Jonah was hiding from the girls in this patch of wildflowers along side of the road. I hope to take the kids back sometime this week so that I can get better pictures of them in the wildflowers since the sun was at its peak and the light was very harsh, however I am pleased with a few of them.04 16 08 Evinston, FL 104 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 110 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 118 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 123 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 123 04 16 08 Evinston, FL 125
04 16 08 Evinston, FL 137The historic hamlet of Evinston is home to Florida's original and oldest Post Office, the 1882 Wood and Swink Old store and Post Office. I took this picture from across the street through a patch of wildflowers. I wanted a close up picture of the building however since one of the wet rooms was located right next to the building and there were signs and cones in front of the building, it was not very picturesque. I was pleased with this picture and was my favorite one for the day. I may even enlarge it and frame it, who knows! This is the small post office area that is located inside the store which is still active.04 16 08 Evinston, FL 100


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Amazing pics!

I just posted part 1 on how I got my start in the bunny business. I will post part 2 tomorrow.

Thanks for tagging me! It was fun!

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WOW--that scenary is awesome. You got some nice shots of those cute kids of yours.