Tuesday, May 27, 2008

That Time of Year

Part of me and YES, a very big part of me is glad that it is the end of the school year. While the other part of me is now faced with the challenge that I always dread!! That is the part of going through the homeschool closet and deciding what we need to keep, what we need to donate and this year I have to make sure that everything I keep is up to Florida Standards in other words a portfolio as opposed to what I used to do for KY. Be honest, is there anyone out there that can honestly go through a entire closet or a room and know exactly what to do with everything. If so, come see me, because I think that I am pretty organized but there are still a few things that I hesitate about.

Just like with children's clothes, with school books I have to look at what of Jonah's I liked enough that I can use again for Courtney, I have to decide is it worth keeping multiple sets of things like flash cards or books we have not read in a year or two. Which again just like children's clothes, makes for extra storage in a house that has no attic space for heavy books. Is it worth keeping for 2 years, I have done my fair share of holding on to things and then never using them and I have also done just the opposite, given something away and within a week I am kicking myself for doing it.

This month we our completing our 4th year homeschooling Courtney and our 3rd year homeschooling Jonah, WOW, some days I never thought that I would survive and still there are days when I want to throw in my hat but I just walk across the street and talk to my friend Leslie about the public school system then I walk back across the street to my sweet home and I love home schooling once again. This year has probably been the year that I have developed the most confidence of being a home school mom, even though there has been those occasional walks across the street, overall I have realize that Phillip and my decision to home school Jonah and Courtney has been for the best. It is hard to believe that in August, Courtney will start the 5th grade and Jonah will start the 7th grade, where does the time go.

But for now...... Thank God for Summer Days and as a friend of mine recently said, "Thank God for the Freedom of Homeschooling!!"


The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

That is hard, to decide what to keep!

WOW! I can't believe how long you've been homeschooling! Seems like just yesterday that I met you for the first time at Debbie's house for the curriculum sharing.

Deaton, party of 5 said...

I can't imagine having a closet that organized. You are the bomb.com as my cousin would say. I would leave it the way it is just because of the orderly-ness (sp?). Hats off to you for homeschooling!

Trajan said...

Courtney is in the 5th grade? Unbelievable!! Are you all coming to BG anytime soon? Camp is in 4 weeks. It is not to late to sign-up. If you need an application hollar at me. 270-320-5574