Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Busy Couple of Days

This past Friday night our nephew, Stephen Jr., graduated from high school. He was the first one our nieces and nephews to graduate on Phillip's side. I can not believe that he was just a little tot when Phillip and I started dating. Seems like just yesterday he was running up and climbing on my lap and giving me sloppy kisses and then down he would go, he never sat still, I don't think and now, he has finished high school and no telling where tomorrow may lead. I guess you can tell that they are blood related except for myself, of course the blonde stands out like a sore thumb and the other SIL (black & white dress).
We are so proud of Stephen Jr.!
On Sunday afternoon, before the rain came, we spent some time at the lake with our neighbors. Courtney and Andie show off their matching swimwear.

Now let me just tell you that Rascal does not care for a bath at ALL! So when we took Rascal to the lake a couple weeks ago I thought that he would play around the edge of the water and that would be it. Well, this little guy loves the lake and we can not wait to take him to the beach. He
loves to jump at the waves, loves chasing the kids in the water and dogie paddles, too cute. Sunday, we took him out in the boat for the first time and he loved it. Even though I am not sure he knew what to think when the kids where jumping off the boat, but he could not sit still and had to keep his eye on the kids playing in the water around the boat.
Oh, by the way Rascal turned ONE this weekend so the next time you see a picture like this one, Rascal will be sporting around his new life jacket that he got for his birthday, YES, a doggie life jacket. Too cute!!

Before the weather turned bad, I was able to take a few pictures of Jonah on the wake board and knee board. Courtney says that she may try the knee board next, she a little more reserved then Jonah. He's my I'll try anything once kid, which worries me a little.

Catch a Wave!
Monday, the kids and I took our last field trip of the school year even though the school year has already been over for us. We went to the U of Fl to the Fl Museum of Natural History, while there we visited several different exhibits one of which was the Butterfly Rainforest. The Butterfly Rainforest is a living exhibit that supports hundreds of butterflies from around the world to experience first-hand. This screened enclosure is planted in subtropical and tropical trees with waterfalls and a walking path.

The butterflies were unbelievable,

I had never been in an exhibit like this before.

Truly, worth going back for a second time.
While at the Florida Museum of Natural History, we visited the Inside Africia exhibit, which is
based on the permanent exhibit at the Field Museum of Chicago, the 6,000-square-foot exhibit takes museum-goers through a journey to selected sites on the world’s second-largest continent and offers a deeper understanding of the vitality, richness and significance of its people from historical and contemporary perspectives.


Terri said...

You've been a busy lady. Sounds like you've had a fun past couple of days. Way to go Jonah on all your brave moves at the lake.

Emma's Mommy said...

You have been busy! Love your red dress - it looks great on you! And is there nothing that Jonah won't try???

Thanks for the prayers Carla, they are greatly apprectiated.

Deaton, party of 5 said...

Oh my goodness, aren't your kids brave! How long has Jonah been a skiier? What a talent!