Saturday, November 17, 2007

Jonah's Color Choice

Well I am finally getting around to painting Jonah's room. It has not been b/c we did not know what colors it has been b/c I wanted to do something different then the horizontal stripes that I had done in Courtney's room. But unfortunately everything I thought would not work for one reason or another. So I am back to doing another horizontal stripe with a little different look in colors then Courtney's and there will be alot more blue in Jonah's room. Bloodblue to be exact and Navel with a little touch of white. Go Gators!! (only my son) I think it will look good when I am done, my neighbor is giving me a thumbs up, so I am anxious to see how Jonah likes it when he returns for a youth retreat tomorrow. That was another reason why I am painting today, it is a lot easier to paint when the occupant of the room is gone for the weekend. I'll post some pics once I am done.
Posted by PicasaThe colors match my blog really well.


Dana said...

Can't wait to see the finshed product! I'm sure it will look great!

Do I Dare Blog? said...

Hey! How are you? I tried to call today but got no answer. I hope you are well and that your dad is doing o.k.
I started a blog today. What am I crazy?!? Who is really gonna want to read anything I have to say? Anyway... I called it "Do I dare blog?" You can check it out if you get bored and need something to put you to sleep or what not. Its at
Let me know what you think.

Ashley Fowlkes said...

You have a great eye for color and design; must be why you're a fantastic scrapbooker!