Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Thoughts at 3 a.m.

Okay, last week I suffered from migraines 5 of the 7 days and now this week I have awoken between 2 and 3 every morning and can not fall back asleep for several hours. You all know what I am talking about, when you wake up and just lay there thinking about everything that needs to be done either today, yesterday or tomorrow and it keeps you awake. Well, if I was not afraid of waking everyone in the house, then I could use this time wisely and mop or empty the dishwasher or maybe even clean out my closet (something that I failed to do when we moved and am getting tired of moving my sweatshirts from one side of my closet to the other just b/c right now I do not see a need for then since shorts and tshirts are still comfortable). So what do I do, I blog. Blog what, I ask? What cute pictures do I dig out of my picture files? No, I am thinking that I use this space to empty out all the things (well maybe just some of the things) in my head that are aiding to my staying awake. Like the fact that with my medical issues, I really need to search out and find a doctor. Do I see the doctor that we attend church with, whom seems like a good person but I also sit across from him and his wife every Sunday morning during Sunday school. Is that going to be comfortable down the road? I hate (I know that is a very strong word) trying to find doctors and going through the medical history and it never fails you always find someone who wants to change what is working just fine.......

On a positive note, I finally accomplished getting my new drivers license, after only living here about 60 days, yes and you are suppose to change it with in 10 days of moving. Unfortunately for my friend Kate, my experience was no where near as bad or crazy as hers but it did take me two trips to the driver's license office and thank goodness I did not have to take a test.

Did I tell you how horrible this move was with the moving company? A nightmare, to say the least. Just a quick run down........ a hole in the ceiling, which apparently was our fault, funny thing though especially when neither one of us was in the attic with the mover......... several items broken, irreplaceable items, like an antique dresser that my grandmother gave me as a child (part of a complete bedroom suit) or the pottery that I purchased on a mission trip to Honduras (when will I go back?) just to say a few things.........and I had not even begun to touch on all the items that were stolen from us, a Wii, a Nintendo Gamecube, a Gameboy and all the accessories that you can imagine and the games!!!!!! (thousands of dollars) Oh and our camcorder, I have the bag but that nice little camcorder that can fit so nicely in the palm of your hand certainly was able to fit nicely in the palm of one of the movers hands..........Oh and all this was taken before the truck driver took inventory of the boxes, so there is not a box number or evidence of these items, just our word. So now, sixty days after the move and there is a promise that we may see a settlement on this sometime next week....... I wonder what the outcome will be.

Quirkie things with our new house.......the garage is not deep enough for our van to fit comfortably. Why does someone even build a garage for a family of size and does not make the garage large enough to fit a minivan?.........The microwave, I still neither can anyone else figure out how to operate this thing (yes, the one item that we did not get a owner's manual for). However, if we keeping burning popcorn in it, either we will have to get a new one or our house will forever smell like burnt popcorn...........When the power goes off and then comes back on, all the ceiling fan lights comes on. Not something that you want to happen in the middle of the night or when you have been gone all day and come home to lights turned on that you knew you did not leave on when you left the house...........The master bathtub, I could fit all four of us in it plus some. I love a big tub but I have only filled this one up once. (Don't worry I take showers or use the kids? I knew what you were thinking)

We had to buy a new Christmas tree this year, well we did not HAVE to, we choose to. Our tree was about 12 years old, very large (fat) and since we love lights, ever year Phillip had to walk around the tree placing strand after strand of lights. So after looking like crazy at some very odd looking Christmas trees and I mean ODD looking trees ( combination trees, since when to two different types of trees grow together in the forest, are we cross-secting Christmas trees now) and after deciding against placing a palm tree in our living room, we finally found one. A Miracle Tree - a 9ft cashmere Bavarian Fir, what ever happen, to a Douglas fir or a pine or just a Christmas tree. The funniest part about this, was when we went to check out, the cashier asked us if we wanted a one year warranty for $19.95. Okay, I may have blonde hair but PLEASE and you know the sad thing is, people must buy it or they would not offer it.

Okay, do I attempt trying to go back to bed now, so that I can wake up in a few hours to teach the most wonderful students in my house or do I keep typing away or should I go and watch reruns of "I love Lucy" or infommericals on the TV, could there possibly be a new George Foreman Grill. Well if I leave another post then you know that I did not fall asleep or either my battery in my laptop went dead. Maybe I'll try going back to bed, last night at this time I was finishing my grocery list, that I forgot to take with me today, so now I have multiples, I mean multiples of certain items.


Dana said...

Don't you hate those sleepless nights? Wow. I didn't realisze you had so much trouble with the movers. That's terrible! About the migraines....We've got a good friend in Missouri that used to have several a week until a few months ago. His wife started packing his lunch which included two small yogurts each day. His migraines stopped. Then he went without the yogurt and they returned. Getting sick of the yogurt, he started taking acidopholus tablets each day (I think he said two a day or more than once a day if he was going to be facing something extremely stressful) and he hasn't had a migraine since. I'm not sure if there is medical evidence to support such a claim, but it's only yogurt and it couldn't hurt to give it a try. Love and miss you!

Emma's Mommy said...

There must be something in the air - I have had more migraines than I can count over the last couple of weeks!!! I had heard about taking acidopholus for headaches, but haven't tried it yet.

Hope things get straightened out with the moving company - dealing with that alone can give any a headache! I pray sleepless nights are soon a thing of the past - maybe you can take a nap? Yeah, right - but it is a nice thought :-)