Friday, July 18, 2008

Camp Photos

A little late, but here are a few of my favorite photos from church camp.
The Staff
The Campers
I really took more action photos then anything else and I surprised myself with how little photos I did take, which kinda makes me feel good! Less to stress about developing and scrapbooking!!! Lisa, Diane and I were the Craft Chicks - Monday was FlipFlop day for the girls

We even made a pair of flip flops for Kerry that he sported around Monday night at mail call when he showed off his new "do"
I love this picture, just as much as I love these girls! On Tuesday, I was awaken from an afternoon nap and told to grab my camera the Johnson girls were being baptized at the creek. Tears immediately came!
Courntey can be pretty laid back but when it comes to Family Feud watch out Trajan.
Emily and Jonah in Sweetheart Kickball
Courtney picks her brother the next time they play and I am not sure that Jonah was too happy, I think he was hoping Emily would pick him again, which probably would have happen.

Jonah and Emily in Family Feud
I never thought that I would see Courtney use her teeth to pull a sock off someone else foot.
Her cabin played truth or dare for their skit.
A few of staff members, including myself, put together a skit, can you tell who I was.
Let me just say, I had the BEST time at camp. It was great. The weather was awesome, the staff, the campers, you could have not asked for a better week. Diane, Lisa, and myself, did the crafts, cook grilled cheese for the senior high at midnight almost every night, did cabin inspections in the mornings and helped out wherever we were needed any other time. Kathy was the nurse and hung out with us when she wasn't pulled in every other direction.
Megan and Courtney - Clowning Around on Friday!


Emma's Mommy said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time!!! BTW - Jonah and Emily look really cute together.

Deaton, party of 5 said...

Camp is AWESOME. Some of my favorite memories were made at Taylor, and I was also baptized there. What a great place!!!

Lisa said...

Great pics! I am glad you had some, b/c I have NONE!! I had such a blast with you, Diane and Cathy! I can't wait until next year!! BTW-I want a copy of that picture of the four of us!! Hope to see you soon!!Craft Chicks RULE!!!!