Monday, August 13, 2007

Heading South

As of last Friday, I am no longer employed (YIPPEE), thanks to courage and prayers of my husband and several friends, I was able to say goodbye to a job that I have done for 6 very looooong years. Thank you Alicia, Diane, Joanna, Judith and my hubby. Also, thank you Diane for a wonderful celebration lunch on Friday.

With all that said, I just wanted to let my fellow bloggers know that I am heading south in the morning (not for good, just for some R & R/ family time). I hope to be on the road before any of you are awake, well maybe not the ones with little babes. We hope to stay until well, I am not really sure but sometime around the second weekend in September. So please remember us in your prayers. We are taking our school books (one of the perks of homeschooling) and anything else we may need or think we need. I promise, Courtney is not packed in the suitcase, but I thought it was too cute. This afternoon while I was setting at my desk on the phone, Courtney climb in the suitcase and as a scrapbook mom my camera was handy and the moment was captured.

With a safe trip we should be there by mid afternoon. Please pray for our safety and especially pray that I can make it with getting a migraine (which are way to common here lately).


Emma's Mommy said...

Enjoy your R&R the next couple of weeks, I am sure you will need it! Have fun with your family and have a safe trip!!!

Dana said...

Wow! I miss you already! I guess you're driving right now. I'm praying for a safe trip and some great family time. I know you are all missing Philip. You'll have to keep us posted with lots of wonderful pictures of Florida!

Terri said...

Hope you made it safe and sound. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Have fun and destress.

mommy of girls said...

Enjoy your time in Florida. But don't relax so much that you don't blog! I hope you made it safely. We look forward to you coming back home. Love ya doll!