Friday, August 10, 2007


Determination, I will honestly be the one to say that if Jonah puts his mind to something he will try everything he can to get it done. This past February Jonah earned his Arrow of Light with Cub Scouts which made him able to move up to Boy Scouts. As many may not know with Boy Scouts there are several rankings that a boy must earn before they can reach the goal that only a few boys will reach, Eagle Scout. With DETERMINATION, Jonah earned his first rank - Tenderfoot- in only 4 months something that usually (every boy is different) takes about a year.
During the recent Court of Honor ceremony,
Phillip had the privledge of pinning Jonah's tenderfoot patch
on his shirt, always upside down until the scout does a good deed.
We are so very proud of his DETERMINATION!
Congratulations Jonah!!!!!


Emma's Mommy said...

Way to go Jonah!!!!

mommy of girls said...

Great job Jonah! We are so proud of you!!!