Friday, August 24, 2007

A Brief Update

Last week the kids and I did a little exploring around the area. We ended up at Rainbow Springs which was very nice. The area has several waterfalls and gardens along with the springs. Which Courtney was not to sure of, especially after passing a Black Racer along one of the nature trails and was very concerned about swimming when she spotted a "Swim at your own risk" Alligator sign.Two of the falls located throughout the gardens.
Jonah was the first one in the 72 degree water. It looked like a pool, it was so clear. However, looks can be very deceiving because the water was clear it looked swallow but was over every ones head, even dad's.

After much hesitation..........
Courtney finally jumped in!
Even in 95 degree weather, 72 degree water is very cold!
On Saturday afternoon, we treated Rascal to a visit to the Millennium Dog Park. Way to cool!!! There were two separate sections one for big dogs and one for small dogs. The parks were complete with dog toys, water dishes and pools. In the small dog side, the owners sat on park benches under the trees, talking about their dogs like parents talk at a park while their children play. Very neat!!!

On Sunday, we attended church and I saw a old camp friend which was a blast from the past. After church when headed to my dad's to spend the afternoon with both my brother's and sister's family. We had a great time, even Rascal enjoying being spoiled by Aunt Robbin.
This week has been jammed pack with house hunting. Now that my realtor is back in town, the kids and I have probably looked at 50 houses easily. For some reason, "House Hunters" is not even fun to watch right now. But we are now under a time crutch. The word is getting out and yes, it is true, we have a contract on our home so it looks like the first of October we will be moving. We have had several people at the church down here praying for us and I am sorry GWP but it looks like their prayers maybe answered. Finally today, we found a couple houses that look promising, I can not say that they would be my choice but in this market they look better then what we had be looking at.


Ashley Fowlkes said...

Wow - congrats and sniff! I know you've been waiting patiently for your house to sell and that it's been hard for your family to be apart from Philip over the past few months. We will miss your family greatly when you move, but we know that God has good things for you to do in Florida. We definitely have to make sure the girls get together in the weeks to come, because October will be here before we know it. Love to you all!

Judith said...

I am so happy for you, Phillip & the kids. I know it has been really hard for all of you in the many adjustments you have had to make. Yes blogging will have to be a priority. But, scrapbooking will have to be a big priority from now til October.
Yes, God does answer prayers, in ways that we don't understand at the time. You will always have a place here in Bowling Green. We look forward to seeing all of you again.

Emma's Mommy said...

I am so glad that you were able to take some time out from house hunting to have a little fun. The pictures are great! Also, congratulations on the contract on your house (*sniff, sniff*). I know it is an answer to many prayers, but you will be missed in KY. Good luck as your house hunt continues. I hope you find something that is worthy of your beautiful family!

Just Plain Boys said...

I am so happy for you, but I am very sad that you will be finally be moving. I know it as been so hard for you all being so far apart. I hope you all will find that perfect home. I can't wait tell you get back so we can scrapbook together before the big move.

Dana said...

I'm with Courtney on being leery to swim where the alligators might swim! Glad you are all having a good time. Hmmmm....can we still pray for the contract to fall through? Just kidding. Miss you!

mommy of girls said...

I'm glad you all have gotten a contract on your house. What a relief. I am not excited about you all leaving, but since that was pretty inevitiable, then I am glad that your house is selling sooner than later. We will help you all we can with the move, just let us know. We miss you all already, but I know we'll see you and who knows...maybe God will send you back our way again soon. Love you all.