Friday, March 25, 2011

Runners Hives???

Runners Hives.....I had never heard of such until last night. Jonah had been at track practice at the park in cold and I mean it was cold, I think that old man winter had decided to pay us a visit again!!!!! Anyway, when I picked him up, he got in the van and within seconds he started complaining about his face burning. My first thought was the change in temperature, going from the cold outside to the toasty warm van, so I turned down the heat and we cracked the window a little. Well, by the time that we arrived home his head and neck was itching. By this time I thought that maybe he had ran through some chemicals while running on the grass out by the fields that line the edge of the park. I gave him some benadryl and he took a hot shower, again thinking that if there is something on his skin, a shower will help.

Well, the shower did not help, in fact the itching had now spread, his head was hurting and his breathing was labored. To shorten the story we later found out from a doctor that Jonah had Runners Hives, which can be common and you can get it for no reason at all and it usually occurs when a runner runs in colder temperatures, oddly enough this is the first time that it has happen to Jonah and he has ran in much colder weather, even ran in the snow, go figure.

Well, within several hours and two benadryl he was much better. I think he ate supper with his eyes closed and slept in the recliner with Rascal until I told him to go on to bed. He is doing much better this morning his head still hurts but the hives are gone :)

We love our Rascal and he loves us!!! Whenever someone is not feeling well, he knows and he wants to be right by their side. So last night he was cuddled in the recliner with Jonah, because he knows and he loves us!!!!

Blessings to all ~

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