Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Bargain Finds

Let me just start out by sharing my African Violet that Phillip brought home a couple of weeks ago. They were throwing it away at the store because basically it was dead, completely wilted, looked horrible and now look at it...isn't it amazing what a little water and love will do :) I am working on a project so last Saturday I went out to the local thrift stores looking for white plates, I need about 7. I really thought it would be an easy find but I only found these four. Two of which I only paid 50 cents for (YIPEE!!) and the other two which I do have to say are antique milkglass I found for $3. Once I find enough plates and finish my project, I promise to share the result.
Also on Saturday, I ran across these two awesome trays and fell in love with them so much that the one with the wood bottom I carried around in the store and then decided not to purchase either one. Don't ask me why, because they were good deals. Well every since Saturday all I have thought about were these trays, so this afternoon while the kids were at track practice I had a few minutes to kill and went back after the trays. Let me just say that my waiting paid off! It saved me 20%, YES, between Saturday and today, both trays were marked down. Needless to say I quickly picked them up and now they have a new home.

I already have plans for both trays, maybe I'll even remember to post a picture or two. Hope everyone has a great evening. I have two loaves of Amish Friendship Bread in the oven that has the house smelling
soooo good! I just may have to have a piece before I head to bed.
Blessings to all~

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