Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ten Things on the 10th

  1. I have taken on the position of treasurer of the SWHS Track and Field. Can you say SUCKER???? Well truly I volunteered but that was only because no one was speaking up for any of the positions and the only position that I felt I could do comfortably and with little time was treasurer. What was I thinking!!!!
  2. I am thinking about taking my blog private.....should I????
  3. I am little frustrated with myself right now. About 6 weeks ago I started the couch to 5K, I took off with a bang but now I have lost interest and I struggle to get on that tread mile. My friend who is doing the program with me is experiencing the same, so maybe its not me but it doesn't make it easy :(
  4. Track season is now in full swing....practice everyday and next week the kids are back running across town at Keriakes from 4:30 to 6 which is going to make for a long day and really makes it hard for me to cook a good dinner.
  5. Just ordered Courtney new spikes (running shoes) for track, I can't believe that I ordered a size 8.5.......what happened to my little girl
  6. Time changes this weekend....we SPRING we loose an hour of sleep, but I am so ready for the extra daylight and the warmer weather to follow.
  7. Sometimes I wonder if the things that we loose sleep over is really worth loosing sleep over. Being an adult is so hard.
  8. We have had soooo much rain in the past week and again it is raining today. I'm starting to wonder if this is how people in Seattle, WA Feel?
  9. First sign of SPRING.... all the daffodils. We have them planted all over our yard, in the front and back. I love them!!!
  10. Spring puts me in the mood to reorganize and redecorate. Our closet is getting a make over soon......I can't wait, maybe it will finally put me in the mood to get rid of somethings.
Blessing to all~

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