Tuesday, September 11, 2007

3 Football Games in One Day

While in Florida we had the opportunity to attend three football games in day. The first game was my youngest nephew, Brandon's pop warner game. This is his first year playing and he is really excited about the game especially after watching his big brother play for several years. He did a really good job and played most of the game both defense and offense, however after the game he did make the comment that he would be happier if they did not play him as much. This is also the first year that my brother is helping coach, he has always enjoyed playing football himself.
Brandon #10
After Brandon's game, Jonah and I headed to "The SWAMP", to watch Florida play WKU. It was a good game even though it was very one sided. Jonah and I had a blast. It was neat to watch our two favorite football teams play each other. By the way, I did have a little of WKU spirit with me even though I wore a Gator shirt, I still had my WKU tag on the front of the van. Oh, by the way, thanks Shirley for the awesome football tickets.

Jonah and me

After getting drenched leaving the Florida football game, Jonah and I headed back to my dad's to meet up with Phillip and Courtney before heading to the third game of the day which was my nephew Spencer's game. Of course he is a natural when it comes to football. It was nice to be able to attend both of my nephew's games since this is usually not the norm with us living so far away. I guess that is about to change.
Spencer #85


mommy of girls said...

I would definitely have been "all gamed out" after all that...but I know you must have loved being able to see your nephews play. And I'll bet it was great to watch Florida play WKU...if you can really call that a game???

Emma's Mommy said...

Whew! What a day.....but I bet you enjoyed every minute of it....not only getting to see your nephews play.....but then getting to see Western play......I mean Florida! Hee! Glad you had a good time!

Dana said...

That makes me tired just thinking about it!