Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday MOM

Today my mother would have celebrated her 65th birthday if she was still alive. This photo is one of last photo that I have of her and I together. It was taken a few days after Christmas in 2003. If I had only knew then that she would only be on this earth for 5 more months, I probably would have taken a hundred pictures of her and I together. I surely would have hugged her and thanked her and loved her just a little more. I miss her terribly, especially now that we are moving back to Florida, she would have given anything for Phillip and I to have moved back closer to home while she was still alive.
Happy Birthday MOM, I love you!!!!!! Bryan (brother), Robbin (sister), Aunt Bernice ( my mom's sister), me and mom

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Terri said...

Your mother is sure to be smiling down upon you. Somehow, someway I believe she knows you miss her deeply and she misses you as well. Isn't it great though that one day you will be with her again.