Sunday, September 9, 2007

Florida Friends - Old and New

Just thought I would share these pictures with you of our Florida Friends, both old and new. On my birthday, a dear friend since 1995, Tamera came down and surprised me with a birthday cake. I had not seen Tamera since the death of my mother, so it was a real treat to have lunch with her and to show her our new house. Oh, we did a little shopping also. Don't kill me Tamera for posting this picture.
Our next friends were new ones that we made at the hotel, who were in the same situation as us. This made us get to know each others families and hopefully we will keep in touch in the days and years to come. Nicole and Courtney became good friends at the pool. Before we left they were spending a lot of time together playing with Nicole's 200+ "My Littlest Pet Shop" pets.
This is Cade, him and his family are also relocating to the area and his mother and father along with Phillip and I, spent several evenings sitting by the pool talking. We hope that once we are all settled in our homes we can continue the friendship.
Thursday night, while we were getting everything togther for the trip back home, both families had to come by and give us their numbers so that we could stay in touch after the move. Nicole's mom is also a big scrapbooker so maybe a good friendship has been started.


Emma's Mommy said...

What a blessing to meet up with old friends again and to make some new ones.

mommy of girls said...

I knew it wouldn't take long for you all to meet new friends. You are just likeable people! We're sure going to miss you here though. Barry and I met a couple on the plane on our honeymoon who had gotten married the same dayas us...we still keep in touch with them...sometimes those kinds of friendships are just plain fun!

Terri said...

What a treat to see an old friend and what a blessing to make new ones.