Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back in BG

Yes, if you are hearing the rumor that the Starlings are in BG, it is true. I am not sure for how long but for now we are here due to Uncle Woodrow's health. I received a call Monday morning that Uncle Woodrow's blood pressure had bottom out and his kidney function was very poor. After talking to his doctor and the nurse, Phillip and I decided that it was in our best interest to pack up and head north. So around 2 Monday afternoon, we had dropped Rascal off with my friend Tamera and was heading to BG, arriving at the Sowder's shortly before midnight.

This morning Phillip and I drove to Indiana, to where Uncle Woodrow is in the hospital, to find that he is somewhat improving but still a long way from returning to the nursing home. He is on dopamine to bring his blood pressure up to normal, but it is still dropping occasionally. His kidneys are working but his BUN is still like 10x's higher then what it should be. He is in ICU and due to a infection in his Colon he is in isolation. He is in and out of it, with lots of catnaps in between. When I first saw him, I said " Hey gorgeous, I love you" and he said "I love you too!" I am not sure he recognizes Phillip or myself but the nurse did comment that his blood pressure went up when we arrived.

Phillip and I drove back to BG this afternoon and I guess this will be our routine for the next few days. Thanks to Alicia, Jonah and Courtney is staying with her during the day. I'll try and keep you posted. Phillip and I hopes to make it to the hospital in the morning before the doctor comes by, so that we can talk to him about the long term plan. We also hope to be back in time to be at church tomorrow night, so if you're there look for us. We would love to see you and please remember us in your prayers. THANKS!!!!!

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Terri said...

Sorry we will miss you as I have two sick kids. I will be praying for you all, especially Uncle Woodrow.