Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Canoeing and Monkeys

We took a three hour trip up the river and back. With the exception of a few tag alongs to our canoe, Jonah kayak most of the trip on his own. The view behind me. Courtney paddled alot more then I thought she would.
How beautiful God's handy work is!

No, I am not a professional Kayaker (sp?), but I did try and would love to do it again some day.

Leslie, Jonah, Phillip and Trey, heading upstream, while Tim, the girls and I, took the bike trail upstream to meet themI had always heard people talk about monkeys along the Silver River but never knew for sure, until we were paddling upstream and heard lots of noise on both sides of the river. Phillip thought that maybe it was deer and I thought maybe a Florida bear, but when we looked closer, we saw Monkeys!!!! At least 20 or so. They say that they escaped from Silver Springs during the making of a Tarzan movie years ago and started multiplying. How cool!
Two monkeys with their baby.

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Kate said...

How cool are those monkeys!