Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Adventures at Silver River

Leslie and I took the four kids on the sinkhole trail Monday morning. At the sinkhole we spotted a huge unique tree with branches low to the ground. Immediately the kids started climbing and Leslie and I started snapping pictures until we heard a loud thump. Yes, Courtney had fell off a tree branch about 6 feet from the ground, I just knew she was injured but she got up and Thank you God, she was fine. I really don't know what I would have done if she was injured, b/c we were in the middle of nowhere.
Jonah curls up in the hammock on the porch of the cabin, exhausted after the long bike trail.
Courtney learns how to whittle.

Trey, Courtney, Jonah, and Andie up in a tree outside our campsite.

Rascal did very good camping, here he is looking back at me, as to say "is it okay for me to go in the camper". I will say that he was very curious about the smells around the campsite. Oh, I almost forgot, Rascal figured out that you can actually dig a hole in the dirt and bury a bone. He is always scratching on things in the house like blankets and then acting like he is burying his bones. So the whole digging in the dirt was an adventure to him.

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