Monday, February 4, 2008

Counting Down the Days

Eleven more days and hopefully we will awake to a fully packed van, with everything we need (yeh right), lots of snacks, movies to entertain the kids while driving and will be headed north to meet up with several friends from Ky and their children for a wonderful weekend at Winterfest. Oh, how we look forward to Winterfest every year. Which I was starting to panic b/c Jonah was leaning towards go with the youth group this year and not staying with all of us in the Chalet. Of course what do you say, part of me wants him to have the wonderful experience of youth activities without mom and dad, but part of me says, just one more year. But in the end, momma won (I did let him decide, I promise). This year its our same group, in the same chalet but I am taking my snow boots! Last year, on top of getting snow in, I wore shoes that had no traction. It was not a cute sight and I lost count of how many times I slid down while trying to walk up the road to our chalet b/c our van was having trouble making it up the incline in the ice and snow. But not this year, now watch it won't even snow. THEN.........after what is sure to be another fun filled weekend. The Starling's will be heading even further north with a little bit of a eastern direction to our Nation's Capital, Washington D.C.

Several years ago when I started home schooling Jonah, he was excited, with the exception of one thing and that he was not going to be able to attend his sixth grade field trip to Washington D.C. I did not promise but I did tell him that one day we would go as a family and he was content. Well here we are, in just 3 short months, Jonah will be finishing up his 6th grade year (I still can't believe it)and not that this trip has to happen before he enters seventh grade but it is just a good time to take both kids to our Nation's Capital. All four of us are looking forward to this trip. I was able to visit D.C. the summer before I started high school but Phillip and the kids have never been and we really wanted to be able to take the kids in the off season (one of the perks of home schooling) with the hopes of not having to battle with as many school trips. After many hours of research I think I have a pretty good schedule of what our trip will entell. We will even be able to have a free day at the end of the week, in order to do anything that we may have overlooked or go back and visit something again. So, if you have been and have any helpful hints, I will take them.

And yes, I have resisted the urge to place a ticker on my blog (what is the world coming too)!


Anonymous said...

We can't wait either!! :-)


Robbin said...

Have fun on your trip....Doug leaves for DC in the the way I seem to remember getting a scrapbook of my life since birth from you for Christmas a few years ago...then you borrowed it back a few months later...and I've not seen it since...does this mean I don't get it back?

Anonymous said...

I forgot about Winterfest. I am glad you are getting to go. I know you will enjoy it. Have fun at the nation's capitol too. We missed you the other night scrapbooking.
Terri - It won't let me sign in for some reason.

Emma's Mommy said...

Carla - I just heard about Uncle Woodrow. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please be careful as you travel to KY. Love to all of you!

Susie H said...

Carla - we lived in the DC area for 9 yrs - you will love - and be sure to take a tour of DC in the evening - it is beautiful when the buildings and memorials are lighted . . . I wuld move back in a heartbeat - we have grandchildren and son still there so we get back often - but not often enough - truly enjoy!

Cousin Susan . . . .Jax, FL