Friday, February 15, 2008

The Start of a Much Needed Vacation

What a beginning to 2008. We are only 46 days into the new year and we have made two trips to Ky, both in regards to Uncle Woodrow, which by the way would have been 88 yesterday (Valentine's day). Oh, how I miss him. We arrived back home Monday evening, just in time for me to wash clothes and repack to head out this morning on a much needed vacation. Our first destination we have accomplish safely. Praise god! We arrived around three this afternoon at our chalet in Gatlinburg for a weekend of fellowship and worship with some Ky friends. We are still waiting for everyone to arrive, but they are on their way. Unfortunately, with a child who has the mumps, which caused a major delay in them leaving this morning. So I thought that I would blog a little, makes journaling easier when I scrapbook these pictures later. Jonah and Courtney are out in the hot tub and Phillip is upstairs taking a nap and can you believe that our chalet has wireless internet, which I guess is not out of the norm since many fast foods places have internet.

On the way to TN, we drove a route that we normally do not drive, so of course there were a few new sites to see. The first was the Tallulah Falls in Ga. It is a 900 foot gorge, which is the largest gorge east of the Mississippi. I never knew it existed. There were some intersting reading on the gorge which is now controlled by the Ga Power, meaning they have control over the water, however the river is still noticable and flowing through the gorge. The second site which we knew was there just not at the elevation of 5048 feet and that was the TN/NC state line. I will say that the temperature was much colder at that elevation, in fact there were still snow and icicles in some places.

We are here in Gatlinburg until Sunday, then we head to our second destination which is right outside Raleigh, NC, where we will spend the afternoon with Phillip's childhood friend "Uncle Danny" and his family. Then Monday we are off to DC. The weather looks good so hopefully we will have an enjoyable vacation..
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dana said...

Hope that Winterfest was great and that you have a good, safe trip to DC. Say "hi" to the Lincoln Memorial for me. It's my favorite!