Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jonah's Camera

Okay, I thought that I would share with you what kind of pictures an 11 year old takes with a digital camera. I found these pictures on Jonah's camera when I was uploading my pictures from last weekend and I thought they were pretty funny. The first few were taken in or on the way to KY. This is what happens after ten hours in the van with mom and dad!
Breakfast at the Sowders, must be a timer shot or one of the girls took it.
Great shot on the Sowders front porch.
I have no clue what was up with the Bubba lips

On the way to church, could have been a cute picture of Courtney if she was looking

No hands, testing the timer, maybe

Bubba lips again

Another hands free shot Looks like a criminal mug shot.
a nostril shot

Well I hope you had a good laugh. Oh by the way, I am feeling ALOT better today. I still have that horrible cough but my migraine is gone (Praise God).


Dana said...

These are great! I really like the one of him shooting down on himself from up high!

Terri said...

Way too funny! He has some good shots though.

Emma's Mommy said...

Emma got a camera for Christmas. Her pictures are pretty much of nothing :-) At least Jonah got some good shots and a lot of funny ones too!
Glad you are feeling better. I am looking forward to the day when Emma can help take care of me!