Friday, February 1, 2008

What's Worse?

What's worse, do I dare ask? A migraine, sinusitis, ear infection or a horrible cough, OR WAIT........what about all four combined. I will say that I have not felt this bad in a long time. I spent over 3 hours at the doctors office today, part of which I went out and laid in the car because I had no strength to sit in the waiting room. And you ask why is she blogging. Well..........Jonah and Phillip headed to Hard Rock (a dirt bike track) for family night with our neighbors and Courtney is staying at home to take care of me (she is such a good kid). After Courtney was done playing on Webkinz and before signing off I decided to check my email, something I am so behind on right now and then I went to my blog and well you know the rest of the story, plus it helps when you can sit in bed and blog. I am calling it quits for now and to everyone who has called today, sorry I missed your call, hopefully we can talk tomorrow.


Stephanie Burton said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. Little girls take such good care of their mommy's.

Dana said...

Sorry you're sick. I hope you're better in no time. That Courtney is sure a good one!