Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Too Tired to Blog, HB JONAH

What an awesome day we had in DC!!! I will soon share some of our travel highlights but for right know I am exhausted and ready to go to bed. But before I go to bed I wanted to share with everyone that as of 6:51 this evening. by wonderful son is now 12 years old.
Jonah's received his birthday present on January 19th (one month early), since we knew that we would be out of town for his actually birthday. We did take him out for supper tonight to Red Lobster (his favorite) which is a tradition we do on each others birthday and this afternoon we bought Jonah this hat that he has wanted for some time now. I thought that I would share these pictures of the kids that I took this evening after we ate. The kids were acting silly and actually posed for both pictures. I thought it was to funny. Oh by the way these sweatshirts actually came several weeks but it has been to hot for them to wear them. I think it is neat that they do not mind wearing them.

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