Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cross Country Adventures

Back in September, actually it was the first Wednesday in September during 7th period to be exact, a gentleman came into my office, kinda in a hurry might I add, asking me if my son ran. I had to have looked at him kinda puzzled and said no. He then rephrased his question and "can your son run." To that, still a little puzzled I answered, "kinda." By this time I realized who he was, Coach Eaton the Cross Country Coach and I did not have the time to sit and "play" his games. So I said, " Jonah is in the gym, you can go and talk to him." Well that is how all this got started. Shortly both Jonah and the Coach was in my office and that afternoon I was taking Jonah to his first cross country practice and little to my knowledge the next day would be Courtney's first cross country practice. It was been nice having both kids in the same sport, same practices and for the most part the same races.

Even with joining the team after season had started they both did very well for their first year and very little conditioning. We traveled to Louisville for one of the largest races in the area and both kids went to Lexington where they ran in state. It was an awesome season for us all, the kids made new friends and so did Phillip and I and it was fun to travel with the team.

South Warren's First Cross Country team
(making history)
Courtney ran a PR of 15.46 for the 3000m and a PR of 21.10
for the 4000m. SHE ROCKS!!!!

Jonah's PR for the 5000m was 19.20PR. WAY TO GO!!
The varsity boys won AA Region Champions. We were all so very proud of them.

Of course I could not resist including a family photo. This was taken on 01/11/11 at their banquet. Can you believe how fast my kiddos are growing?
Blessings to all~

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