Monday, February 28, 2011

Saying Farewell....... the oldest member of our family. Phillip and I bought this washer and dryer on April 1, 1993, when we bought our first home.....18 years ago. They have been in seven different homes, washed our clothes when it was just Phillip and I and then when we became a family of 3 and then a family of 4. I even placed a small heart sticker on the dryer dial so that the kids would know where to turn the dial to so that they could start the dryer for me. They were good to me, 18 years and I only called the repairman once and that was to tighten the agitator, which if I had known that was the noise I was hearing I think that I could have fixed it for $60. Of course I have to say that they were Maytags.

However, after 18years it is time to say farewell. The dryer was sounding like I was drying a load of belt buckles and to dry a load of towels was taking close to two hours. Our first thought was to go back with a Maytag and to go with the front load and if I would have let the first salesman I went to sale me what I thought wanted I don't think I would have been as pleased as what we bought after we did the research......

We ended up buying a Whirlpool, which by the way now owns part of Maytag (since they don't make Maytags like ours anymore, go figure). We ended up going back with a top loader without an agitator, it is an high efficiency, low water washer and has more buttons and gadgets then I know what to do with right know. So far I have no complaints for our new appliances but I not holding my breath on them lasting near as long as my Maytag. BTW......we are donating them to our church, the washer works great and with work maybe the dryer will be back up and working again soon so that a family in need of a washer and dryer can have one with much love attached :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday. Mine was a little crazy but I guess that goes with all the storms that we had here today.
Blessing to all~

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Valerie said...

We have the same washer and dryer... it was hard for us to say goodbye to our old set.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!!