Thursday, August 23, 2012

After School Treat

Normally, Phillip picks the kids up from school, but today he had a meeting in Nashville, so I was the LUCKY momma who was blessed with the opportunity to FORGET about picking my kiddos up from school.  What can I say, no one reminded me and it was a TOTAL change in routine. 
So I am sitting at my desk, watching the clock, yes it had been that kind of day, when I receive a text.  My first thought is Courtney is wondering where Jonah is, he had to stay and make up a test after school.  Then I read her text.."hey who is picking us up?"'s 2:36 and school let out at 2:25.  I slam my phone down on my desk (thankfully I did not shatter my screen because I could see that happening after the day it had been) then calmly picked it up and responded back, "I am....I forgot.  I'm on my way."  Thank goodness, I have a boss that understands and I left everything on my desk and out the office I went, remembering as soon as I started the car that I NEEDED gas.  UGH!!!!!
With all that said, I felt like my kiddos deserved a little after school treat from their LOVING mom today.  So off to Sonic we headed.  On the way, Jonah made the comment that if it meant having Sonic, they could be picked up late from school everyday.  Gotta admit it was a good try....not!!!  Thankfully, we are blessed that Phillip gets off early enough to pick them up from school and starting next week hopefully Jonah will be driving on his own.
 By the look on their faces, I think they totally forgive me
for forgetting to pick them up, even though,
 Jonah didn't have to wait as long as his sister did.
Jonah with his banana milkshake.

Checking twitter.....I'm sure :)
Courtney, texting and drinking, a Sonic strawberry milkshake that is and yes,
those are mozzarella cheese sticks in between her legs. What can I say, I caved!!! Actually
she had just finished taking a picture of her cup and posting it on Instragram.

...make the most of every opportunity.

Colossians 4:5

Blessings to all ~

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