Monday, August 27, 2012

He's Driving

Jonah took his driver's test this afternoon and PASSED, so watch out BG, there's another driver on the road.  I will say that he has done an great job the past 6 months with his permit but it still scares me to think that my son is driving on his own. 
This afternoon he drove him and his sister to practice.  I'm really not sure who was more excited, Jonah or Courtney.  It seem so surreal watching them pull out of the driveway and take off down the street.  We gave Courtney instructions to text us when they made it to practice.
 Jonah picked up his parking pass from school this afternoon..
...007 licensed to PARK!!!!!
...they believed His promises
and sang His praise.
Psalm 106:12

Blessings to all ~


Sharea Moberly said...

Congratulations, Jonah! We still have 4 1/2 years before Cardi gets her license and Honestly I'm not sure if that is enough time for me to adjust to the idea!

Valerie said...

Yay Jonah! I cannot believe he's old enough to drive!!!