Saturday, August 25, 2012

Daviess Co 6k Relay

Today, was the first race of the season, a relay, in Owensboro.  This will be the only relay that the team will run this year, a 6k relay, two person team, each runner running a 3K.  It's a fun race and a good way to start the season however next Saturday will be the team's first really 5k race of the season.
The start of the girls varsity race....and they're off!
 Courtney running strong.
Poor girl, started with her hair braided and
a soft headband, by the time she finished the race,
her hair was completely down and she lost her hairband
at the exchange.  She was cursed with thin hair like me,
nothing stays in our hair, it's a constant fight!!!

 Courtney ran the first leg of her race,
handing off to Shelby.
 Courtney and Shelby finished 29th,
which is AWESOME considering Courtney threw up mid-run and
Shelby's knee starting throbbing, she was lucky to finish. 
Courtney's unofficial time was 14:11.
 A smile from my beautiful girl,
I am so very proud of her!
 The boys praying before the boys varsity race.
 Ross handing off to Jonah at the exchange.
 Jonah running strong.
He has train so hard this season and
has shown so much dedication.
He makes me proud!!! 
 Jonah coming up to the finish.
 Jonah and Ross finished 18th.
Overall, a good start to the season.
But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead...
Philippians 3:13
Blessings to all ~

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Valerie said...

Matt was just saying the other day that he sees Jonah running all the time :) Matt is a runner. He's thrilled that Zoe is participating with the FCA cross country team this year. It's fun to watch his excitement when she's running :)