Friday, October 12, 2012

Sky Conference

On Tuesday the kids ran at the Sky Conference at Ephram White here in Bowling Green.  This was both of the kids first race back since injuries three weeks ago so I was on pins and needles as to how they were going to run.  Yes, I can me a nervous mom, sometimes, well, ALOT of the time!
Courtney struggled, but hopefully she will be back on the mends after this weekend, we hope!!!
Jonah ran really hard and looked really good throughout the race.  Guess a couple weeks off to recover from a hamstring injury is what he needed.  He really looked strong!! 

I wish I had a shot of Jonah crossing the finish line.  He threw his arms up, as into a victory, he had seen he time, knew he beat his old PR and was totally satisfied.  I loved it!!!!
 I am so very proud of Jonah!!! 
He set a new PR ( personal record) of 17:10 shaving, 12seconds off of his previous PR
and came in 9th place.
 Ross came in 16th place, him and Jonah are the #1 and #2 runners for SWHS.
Way to GO, boys!!!
sought the LORD, and He answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.
Psalm 34:4

Blessings to all ~

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5 Little Moberlys said...

Congratulations, Jonah!!! I hope Courtney is on the mend!