Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ticket Stub Box

Over fall break, the four of us went and saw Taken 2 at the movie theater, which was just as good as the first.  After paying for the tickets, Courtney mentioned to Phillip how she needed her ticket stub because she saved them, which I knew.  Then, like a lightning bolt it hit me, what I had seen on pinterest.  Yes, I am addicted to pinterest!!!  So that Saturday, Courtney and I decided to get a crafty and make her a shadowbox to keep her ticket stubs in.

We checked out ALL the links on pinterest and looked at the different ideas, you had your cheesy ones, the cute ones, the "REALLY" ones and the extreme ones.  They all had different sayings on them, that's when we came up, with ours....
We wanted something that she could keep forever, that would not be tacky in say 10 years if she still wanted to display it then. 

We purchased a shadowbox from Hobby Lobby and cut a 3" x 1" slot at the top of the box so that she could easily drop her ticket stubs through the slot.  I paint inside the slot black.

Then with my cricut I cut out the saying "Memories," with silver vinyl.   We thought about "Admit One," which most of the pins on pinterest say, but Courtney, being different, thought that "Memories" better suited her.  Oh and we place the word "Memories" on the outside of the box so that no matter how full her box is, you will always see the word, "Memories."

It was really and easy project, except for the cutting of the hole and Phillip helped us with that one.

everyone called by My name and created for my glory.
I have formed him; indeed, I have made him.

Isaiah 43:7

Blessing to all ~


5 Little Moberlys said...

What a great idea! It looks great! I wish I had a cricut. Bella wants to do a forest theme for her bedroom. Her idea - she wants to paint a mural on her wall bove her bed. My idea - make a tree in a frame to hang above her bed. My friend Bonnie borrowed a friends cricut and made a family tree.,

I really liked how it turned out.
We'll see what happens. I've told her she can draw a mural on a sheet of plywood cut to fit the head of her bed on the wll but she's sticking to her guns about the mural on the wall...not gonna happen!

mallin mom said...

I love this because I never know what to do with ticket stubs!

Anonymous said...

Hi - do you make any to sell? I don't have a creative bone in my body but would love to purchase one.

Lauren Finley said...

Hi - do you make any to sell? I don't have a creative bone in my body but would love to purchase one.

Anonymous said...

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Cynthia Aehlich said...

What Cricut cartridge did you use?