Thursday, December 6, 2007

A BEAR!!!!!!

Okay fellow bloggers and blog readers, let me just tell you that at 5:30 this morning there was a around a 350 pound black bear in my neighbors driveway. Now, we do not live in the woods, we live in the city and we live in a subdivision, where the houses are right on top of each other. My neighbor walked outside at 5:30 this morning to spot a bear on the driveway of my neighbor across the street from us. And where is the bear now, we ask? When 911 was called, my neighbor was informed that they had received several calls and that they were following up on it. I can only imagine where that bear was yesterday when our street was full of kids riding their bikes and scooters and to think that Jonah, Courtney and their friends has pitched a tent and made a club house on the empty lot next to this house that the bear was at. YIKES!!!!


Emma's Mommy said...

Following up on it???? When you are talking about a bear - what exactly does that mean? Hope they came out and found him and he is now far far away!


Dana said...

Wow. I'm impressed. Sounds like you need to move back to Kentucky.....for the safety of your family, of course!

Zoe's Mommy said...

YIKES is right! I was not expecting to read this on your blog today! What a great story.